Time Inc. Launches Decor, DIY Hub for Millenials

diyNot to send you all away from Urban Nesting, of course, but yesterday Time Inc. launched The Snug, a new shelter site (or social aggregator, in their words) targeting millennials. I’m happy somebody is recognizing our potential and not just ragging on us. (Don’t even get me started.)

Anywho, I’m a fan of The Snug’s concept: To bring together content from across Time Inc. (which includes Real Simple, Southern Living and This Old House) and their partners (like Apartment Therapy, CasaSugar and HomeTalk), and merge it with original content in the form of how-tos, videos and lists on home design, decorating and DIY.

That’s pretty much all of my favorite things/sources in one place. Yessss.

But now some caveats. While I’m not a big fan of the design of the site itself (and in fact, there’s some definite issues in mobile view), I’m hopeful that’ll improve over time. For instance, is it just me or do the IKEA ads look low res? (Not that it’s the ads I should be concerned with, mind you.) Also, one of the subheds is this: “LC is the boss, applesauce.” Seriously? Lauren Conrad may think that’s cute, but the rest of us are rolling our eyes. And apparently millennials don’t like capital letters?

Grow up, Time Inc. I want to like you.

(Image: Time Inc.)


Remember Domino?

87a2d8d4d6652a013c969ea25c42dbfcGreat news: Domino is back! Four years after it went kaput, the shelter mag will be revived this fall as a quarterly publication and an e-commerce site. I only caught the very tail end of the Domino phenomenon, right after college, but it definitely fueled my then-new found interest in interior design, DIY, decorating, etc. I still have a few issues I couldn’t bear to part with floating around the apartment for inspiration.

Now, there’s no guarantee it’ll be the cult classic it once was, but WWD reports that two ex-Domino editors will be back so that’s promising. (The founding editor, Deborah Needleman, will not return, as she’s busy editing T: The New York Times Magazine, NBD.) I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be anxiously awaiting it’s newsstand reappearance! Amiright?

Need to read: NYTimes on shelter magazines

The New York TimesSteven Kurutz wrote an article on the explosion of online shelter magazines in the wake of beloved Domino‘s demise. I particularly enjoyed this paragraph:

“ALL of the publications are edited by women in their 20s who first built a following by blogging. It may seem strange for young creative types to be starting online publications that so closely mimic traditional magazines, particularly when that means adopting the conventions of print in such a literal —  some might even say unthinking — way. But in the blogosphere, it turns out, any see print as conferring a sense of legitimacy and distinction.”

Perhaps one of those 20-somethings will be me one day! Kudos to finding a way to make traditional media – or at least the style of it – relevant again! I love these magazines (they’re all listed under Resources by the way). Click the photo below to read the entire article.