Remember Domino?

87a2d8d4d6652a013c969ea25c42dbfcGreat news: Domino is back! Four years after it went kaput, the shelter mag will be revived this fall as a quarterly publication and an e-commerce site. I only caught the very tail end of the Domino phenomenon, right after college, but it definitely fueled my then-new found interest in interior design, DIY, decorating, etc. I still have a few issues I couldn’t bear to part with floating around the apartment for inspiration.

Now, there’s no guarantee it’ll be the cult classic it once was, but WWD reports that two ex-Domino editors will be back so that’s promising. (The founding editor, Deborah Needleman, will not return, as she’s busy editing T: The New York Times Magazine, NBD.) I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be anxiously awaiting it’s newsstand reappearance! Amiright?

I Want That Wednesday

Am I ever going to stop missing college? I know I’ve been out of it longer than I was in it at this point (so sad), but all this talk lately of “the kids” going back to school is making me nostalgic for fall in Bloomington. The changing leaves in Dunn Meadow, rocking my Hoosiers hoodie, tailgating at football games (I wouldn’t be caught dead in the stadium, natch). Can I go back?

Sadly, no. My bank account says so. But it might let me spend $25 on this tee from Etsy‘s I Miss My College:


I’m definitely of the belief that it takes losing something to really appreciate it, and I love IU more now than I did when I was there. Or maybe I’m just getting old and sappy. What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Or my chest rather.

Craigslist Curiosity: Vintage Sofa

I’m an avid surfer of Craigslist; I even look at things I don’t need, like this couch for instance. It’s quite curious, indeed. Anything that references The NeverEnding Story has got to be pretty amazing…


A couch woven entirely from Unicorn manes and the fur of Falcor – $290 (Wicker Park)

“One word. GLORIOUS! Amirite? Look at it! Or don’t! Cuz you might get hypnotized! I think i did a decent job of picturing the color but you really have to see it to feel it. It’s kind of color changing if that makes any sense. Like those cars that were hot in the 90’s that changed colors from different angles. Like that. There’s gold, orange, yellow, a light turqoise, pale greens. It’s a stunner. Literally. I stared at it for about 3 hours so I was sitting there stunned. And it’s in excellent shape. Totally mint except for one thing. One of the seat cushions isn’t embossed like to other two. I think it may have been switched out with a loveseat cushion. It’s still super clean and it’s not very noticeable. I didn’t notice it when I found it and neither did my friends when they first had a look. (BABY DEERS NOT INCLUDED)”

Click here for more info and pics, including one that shows how Falcor looks just like Victoria Beckham!


Weekend Rewind: Dog Days of Summer

Come on, how could you possibly resist this face?


What? You can’t? Didn’t think so. She’s just so darn happy!


On kind of a whim, we took Coco to the dog beach Sunday for the very first time. She didn’t seem to love it at first—she wasn’t too keen on the other dogs, the waves or swimming—but by the end, she was fetching a ball out of the water and running around with a couple of the dogs her size (as well as a teeny tiny black poodle—can you spot it in one of the pics?).

For a sporting dog, she’s a pretty terrible swimmer. Her doggy paddle wasn’t even a little bit smooth; she was splashing all over the place and jumping as soon as she could reach those long legs down to the sandy bottom.  I was actually the sore one today from trying to out run her in the water!

Foodie Friday: S’mores Bars

A friend of mine was a miracle worker and hooked us up with tickets to the Red Sox/Yankees game last weekend in Boston, so last night I set about making him a little token of gratitude: s’mores bars.

S’mores are one of those things I love but rarely eat because, frankly, I don’t go camping all that often and there’s not much of a chance to eat them otherwise. Or so I thought. But recipes for everything s’more have taken Pinterest by storm lately (or at least among those I follow), so I’ve been craving them bad. Crunchy graham cracker. Gooey marshmallow. A touch of chocolate. What’s not to love?

I (mostly) followed Sally’s Baking Addiction‘s recipe for S’mores Cookie Bars. For whatever reason, the graham cracker crumbs in the baking section at my local Jewel were around $4 and I knew it was unlikely that I’d use them again before they went stale, so I just bought regular graham crackers (on sale for around $2) and crushed them myself (I actually used a bottle of Bud Light to “roll” them, ha).

Definitely take Sally’s idea of lining your baking pan with tin foil—makes cleaning up that sticky marshmallow creme a breeze. Same goes for spraying the spatula with cooking spray before trying to spread the creme, the only really tricky part to the recipe. (I’d recommend using more than the 1 cup she calls for, but I really love marshmallows.)

The great thing about this recipe is that once you press the dough into the pan, you can put just about anything in the middle layer. Her traditional s’more calls for marshmallow creme and chocolate chips. But you could also do creme and Nutella. Or peanut butter and chocolate chips. Or caramel spread and nuts. I’m sure they’d all be delicious.

Click here for Sally’s original recipe. And thanks again for the tickets, Nao!

Design Inspiration: Harvard Architecture

I was honestly kind of surprised how unimpressive the Harvard campus was. I expected to have a new-hope, I-can-do-anything, the-best-is-yet-to-come montage playing when I stepped on to campus and could feel all the great men and women who have walked there before me… Well, that didn’t really happen.

That said, I’ve since looked at a campus map and realized I only saw a sliver of it, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I’ve been studying the map, trying to figure out which building this is:

IMG_1270 IMG_1272

Do you know? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to learn more about it. I thought the light that evening made the steel and glass look especially beautiful.

Belated Weekend Rewind: Bahston

Sorry for the delay—I took a few days off to go to Boston for my birthday and then came home to a screwy Internet connection (thanks for the present, RCN), so today’s the first day I’ve been able to update you all on my trip!

When I was a junior in high school, I was convinced for whatever reason that Boston University was the school I had to attend. Well, my parents (and all of our wallets) thought otherwise. They wouldn’t even let me visit! So it’s been since then—dare I say 10 years, gasp!—that I’ve wanted to visit Boston, and I finally got my chance.

Here’s my top five conclusions from the trip:

1. Boston is not preppy at all! I thought everyone would be decked out in their summer Vineyard Vines and Sperrys. That was definitely not the case. No offense, but Bostonians seem kind of schleppy… guess there’s a reason they call it Connecticut Casual. This was Massachusetts, after all.

2. I am not a fan of Spirit Airlines. They nickel and dime you for every damn thing that I’d rather just buy a more expensive ticket in the first place than have to deal with that. I can’t carry on a small bag without paying for it? I can’t get a water without paying for it? I actually have to pay to sit in these tiny cramped seats? I’m 5’8. I don’t know how anyone taller can stand it.

3. I love Fenway! I know I’m biased being a Cubs fan and all, but I really liked the vibe at old Fenway Pawk. Unlike Cubs fans, Red Sox fans seems to actually pay attention to the game and know what’s going on. It’s so crazy that the field is regulation size—the Green Monster is so close! Plus, I’m happy I got to see everyone boo A-Rod!

4. It’s really hard to visit a place with someone who lives/has lived there. They just want to see and do different things, and not that those things are bad, but I do regret not spending more time checking out the historical sites. It makes me really appreciate the friends and family I have that are good hosts, and I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time someone comes to visit me.

5. I realllly like being by the ocean. The smell of the salt (well, the commercial fishing stench wasn’t so great in some spots), the boats, the beaches, the flora and fauna—I like it all. I wish I was a stronger swimmer. Maybe that’s my next undertaking…

I liked Boston, and I definitely feel like I didn’t see nearly enough of it, but I’m almost relieved that I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. Turns out BU probably wouldn’t have been the right choice for me anyway. Guess I can stop holding that grudge against my parents… I kid, I kid. #Hoosier4Life