Bittersweet Memories: Btown Trip

It’s hard for me to upload these pics today… IU lost to Syracuse last night in the Sweet 16. This was supposed to be our year! Even the POTUS picked IU to win it all. But it was a great season, and I’m happy I got to see my Hoosiers in person twice—once at Northwestern and again in Bloomington at the beginning of March (so I’m a little tardy uploading these, obvi). I hadn’t been back to campus in so long; it was GREAT, even just a quick visit. We hit the hot spots: Mother Bear’s, T.I.S., Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, Nick’s, the Square and, of course—and most importantly—Assembly Hall. IU beat Iowa 73-60 (a good win, but it wasn’t our strongest game).

In the back of my mind, I knew we wouldn’t bring home the championship (don’t even get me staaarted), but it’s been a great ride and I’m happy basketball has become a good excuse to get together with fellow Hoosiers here in Chicago. I feel like there’s going to be a void now… what do I watch? Baseball?! I’m so not ready for that…

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Published: Glass House


Check it out, guys: I’m a real writer! OK, well this is nothing new—I did study journalism, after all—but it’s my first time writing an article for print in almost a year. I realized I really miss it, and luckily Matt, the editor of Men’s Book Chicago, took a chance and let me write The Last Word, the story on the last page of the spring issue. I turned the article in and didn’t hear anything for a week… I was so worried that he hated it and had rewritten the whole thing! It turned out that he just hadn’t had time to read it, and he actually thought I did such a good job that he emailed the other editors and told them to let me write more. It’s so, so nice to get a compliment from a fellow editor. I’m one happy girl! : )

Plus, I got to talk to Ross! I’m sure he gets that all the time—I didn’t bring up Friends at all in the interview—but it was funny to hear that voice coming through my cell phone. He has the same nerdy laugh as Ross, but all in all, he seems like a nice, smart guy. I really do want to see the play he’s directing, Big Lake Big City.

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(Image: Gregg Delman for Men’s Book Chicago)

I want that Wednesday

Check out my souvenir from Arizona!


All I need are more drinking vessels, right? But I loved the pattern and thought the colors would look great against the bar. Ironically enough, I bought the glasses in Arizona, but they’re mirrored after a butterfly window detail at a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Springfield, Ill. Might have to make the trip down there to check it out in person.

One of the coolest things we did (at least in my opinion) on the trip was visit Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Ariz. It was Wright’s studio and home late in his life, and now it houses the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (the students live in tents in the desert!). My parents have always been big Wright fans, so it was especially cool to visit here with them. I’d forgotten how much I like Wright’s aesthetic, especially the idea of the inside and the outside being one. Open floor plans, to say the least. Photography was prohibited in most of the rooms (plus we were sprinting from area to area because it was pouring), but here’s what I could get:

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Weekend Rewind: Chi Town Half Marathon

“People do this for fun?!” Those were my first words after crossing the finishing line at Sunday’s Chi Town Half Marathon. Time lessens the pain, but I’m still not sure I’ll be signing up for another half marathon any time soon. The hardest parts were miles nine and ten because I was up by Montrose Harbor, and it was messing with me mentally because I was closer to home than the finish line! But all in all, the race went fairly well. My goal was to average 10-minute miles, and I was five seconds over (2.12.11 total), but I’m OK with that given it was my first half marathon. Plus, I’m surprisingly not immobile today!

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One more thing to mark off the bucket list. 2013: Let’s Do This!

Hello, hello!

Man, March has been a wild month! I’ve traveled to my alma mater, put out more than one fire at work (a few are still smouldering…), explored the Southwest U.S. and run a half marathon. Phew, is it April yet? Not sure how much more I can pack into this month! I know Urban Nesting has been dark for a few weeks, but I’ll share all my adventures with you over the next few days. Stay tuned!