When You Can’t DIY…

Handybook_Logo_blue_on_whiteI have a work friend who’s been complaining about trying to find someone to install her AC window unit (yes, she somehow survived last week’s 100 degree weather without it… then again, she used to live in Abu Dhabi). Her building handyman refuses to call her back for whatever reason, even though she’s gladly willing to compensation him. Lucky for me, I have someone called Dad nearby (currently on his to-do list: help me install a pendant light and put up a shelf—thanks in advance, Pops!), but I realize that’s not an option for everybody.

Fortunately, someone came up for a solution to this; unfortunately, it was not me. Enter Handybook. It’s a new site where you can book a handyman or home cleaner to come to your apartment the very next day. I found out about it from a press release at work (finally, one that is actually useful!), but apparently they’ve been written about in Forbes, The New York Times and TechCrunch so it sounds legit. You can get help with anything from dishwasher issues to picture hanging to IKEA furniture assembly to apartment cleaning. For my Chicago zip code, here’s some sample prices:

Shelf hanging (2 shelves, estimates 2 hours): $98
Cleaning 2BR, 2BA (estimates 3 hours): $105
Unclog sink drain: $190

So it’s not cheap (though that price does include tax and tip), but I imagine it’d be a viable option if you’re in a bind. Have you tried it? Was it worth the dough? Let me know below.

A Bad Week

Hey guys, sorry for the darkness last week on Urban Nesting. It wasn’t exactly my week: I suffered a massive bruise on my hip thanks to the damn CTA, I lost out on a job I really wanted, my bike had two flat tires, I found out I’ve gained five pounds, I had pesto in my hair (and eye!) at one point and blueberries alllll over the kitchen floor… it was no fun at all.

But I survived, and I’m back at it. I blame it on the moon. My yogi said some moon cycle ended on Sunday, so today starts a new year… or something like that. I don’t really believe in that stuff, but some good luck for a change would sure be nice!

Anywho, I spent the weekend therapeutically cleaning my entire apartment—and it looks damn good, if I do say so myself. But why are guys so much dirtier than girls? I feel like I haven’t stopped cleaning since the boy moved in! I Googled around for the answer, but all I came up with is a study that shows men’s workspaces are dirtier than women’s… and then a handful of links about how she wants to be dirty in bed. Well, that’s not really what I was going for. But between the boy and his cat, I’m going to chalk this one up to hair. Gross.


Disclaimer: This is not actually my boyfriend. Or his cat. Thankfully.

(Image: Catbearding.com)

Foodie Friday: Tortilla Pizzas

I love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? Though I am kind of a bad Chicagoan in that sense: I don’t like deep dish. I’d much rather have lasagna if that’s the case. (The lasagna at Sapori Trattoria is freaking amazing, by the way.)

But when I was a single girl, I’d never ordered pizza because a small wouldn’t meet the delivery minimum, and with a frozen pizza it was all too easy just to eat the whole thing, a danger for my waistline (among other things). So I got reallllly into tortilla pizzas.

So crispy and cheesy and the options are endless. I think I originally got the idea from the Abs Diet book (still working on that six pack…), but my excitement was reignited recently when I ran across Averie Cooks‘ recipe for mango basil tortilla pizzas on Pinterest. I happened to have some basil and mango left over from the fruit salsa so the timing was perfect.

And it was delicious. I’m still not 100 percent sure how you’re supposed to tackle peeling/chopping a mango, but pair that sweetness with some red pepper flakes and you’re in business.

Click here for the recipe.

I Want That Wednesday

I party like a boss.

OK, that is not true at all. You’ll never find me dancing at Studio Paris or ordering bottle service at… ha, I don’t even know what the popular bars are for bottle service.

But about two years ago I made the decision that (almost) every time I go to Binny’s, I try a different make of whiskey. I haven’t found many I don’t like. (Love me some Whistle Pig!) And now that I’m a somewhat real adult, it’s mostly consumed at home during the week after a hard day’s work. While Don Draper seems perfectly happy with pouring his poison straight from the bottle, I think I’d prefer a decanter:

aef332770bb9a8c82d78f0aabc881e75Now, there’s debate whether a decanter is actually good for whiskey or if it should stay in the bottle, but I’m not keeping it around for months and months here. Plus, it seems a perfect way to incorporate nautical into the apartment without getting over-the-top beachy chic!

Quiz: Find Your Style

find-your-style-quiz-1Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Or even a bad one, really. I have to say, the Find Your Style quiz from Sauder Furniture didn’t peg me very well: “You could be found having a personal dance party with your music cranked up listening to Madonna, amidst your sleek, streamlined furniture with its bursts of hot pink and emerald accents. A wall hanging of a famous Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe print might be found next to a geometrically shaped sculpture or lamp.” I know my design style is still a work in progress and I certainly don’t mind a pop of hot pink, but I’m not exactly a Warhol fan… or Madonna for that matter.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck. Take it here.

Weekend Rewind: Lauryn & Pearce’s Wedding

Made the trek (and it is a trek—over three hours from Chicago!) to Galena this weekend for a childhood friend’s wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to explore the town, but it was fun nonetheless. It was practically a high school reunion, in the absolute best sense—I got to see all of the people I’d want to see at a reunion and none I wouldn’t. (Though there was lots of talk about who will show up at next year’s 10 year reunion… GOD, I’M GETTING OLD.) It was really fun! Tons of dancing, surprisingly little drama and even a slumber party at the end. I’m happy we’re all still young enough to share one hotel room—or maybe that’s a reflection of our pay grade!

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