Apartment No. 12 (I think)

The more apartments I see, the pickier I get – and probably not in a good way. Now that I know I have until Aug. 1 instead of July 1, I guess I just want to make sure I get the BEST apartment in my budget and time frame. And this one isn’t it – but I can’t really pinpoint why.

It’s a 1 bed/1bath with a good amount of space (Separate dining room is a plus given the kitchen is hideous. You can’t tell in these pics, but fridge is green…). It’s on the second floor and the apartment takes up that entire floor, so you don’t have to share walls with anybody and you get great natural light. The location is even pretty great – just off Addison in North Center/West Lakeview.

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What do you think? Should I keep it in the running? I have to admit: I’m getting tired of looking!

I want that Wednesdays

Summer is finally here! And what better way to kick off the season than with a brand-spanking-new summer dress? I’m loving the nautical feel and amazing back (especially the little buttons on the side!) of this one from Anthropologie:

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Back at it

Sorry I went M.I.A. last week – I was a bit distraught after losing that amazing apartment, so I spent the last week pouting and drinking. Healthy, right? Well, the drinking didn’t have so much to do with my lack-of-apartment as much as the Crosstown Classic! (My problems can’t be as bad as the Cubbies, right? Right.)

Anywho, some good news to come out as of late is that I can stay in my current place until Aug. 1. Granted, I’d like to get out asap, but if push comes to shove and all the July 1 apartments are crap, I can take my chances and hope for something better Aug. 1. Speaking of pushing, turns out my landlady is preggers! No wonder she’s been so crabby. My worst nightmare could very well come true should she go into labor, and I’m the only one home… MUST. GET. OUT.

Apartment No. 10: HEARTBREAK

I found the apartment of my dreams Saturday. And lost it in a matter of hours…

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Separate dining room
Huge living space
Good closets
Patio space
Central heat
Supplied window units
Roscoe Village location
Privately owned
Nice landlord
Maintenance guy lives in building
Elevated first floor unit

Whoever it is that snatched it up!!!

Apartment No. 9: Almost

Seems like every other place I see is a real dud, so that’s why I keep skipping numbers. I can’t believe we’re at nine already…

I had reallllly high hopes for this place, mainly because it would mean I could stay in Roscoe Village. The renovated kitchen was a nice touch, too.

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But alas, I visit and see the problem: tiny bedroom. It’s probably the same size as mine now – or maybe even a little smaller. Unbearable. And living right on Ashland would be loud. The final nail in the coffin? June 1 lease.

And it’s on to the next one…