And so it begins

It’s official: The move is happening Sunday. Well, for the most part. Thank the good lord, seeing as my landlady woke me up at 7 this morning because she locked herself out of the house again… but that’s neither here nor there (I mean, it’ll happen here and not there). Luckily today has been a little slow at work so I’ve taken care of some of the administrative tasks.

Scheduled a time to pick up the key
Ordered the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever, to thank my “movers” (aka friends and family)
Transferred the electric and gas to the new apartment
Set up mail forwarding with USPS

Finish packing
Schedule internet/cable set up
Pick up milk to drink with said cinnamon rolls
Finish packing
Take apart couch
Clean old apartment
Finish packing

I kind of overcommited myself this weekend since I thought I’d still have another week to pack, so here’s to hoping everything comes together quickly tomorrow morning. This is as far as I got last night… doesn’t look like much, does it? It is, I swear!

Omg omg omg

Soooo, the management company just emailed me and said I could pick up the keys to my new apartment as early as tomorrow… I am a ball of emotions! First I thoughts, yessssssss a nice, long, stress-free move. Then I started thinking, I can totally be out by Aug. 1 and not pay my landlord prorated rent until the 4th. Booyah!

But now the reality is setting in, and I’m thinking SHIT I really should have packed more by now! What was I thinking? I’ve really only packed up a dozen or two books and my bar glasses (granted, dressing those in bubble wrap is very timing consuming). Guess we know what I’m doing tonight…

I want that Wednesday

When I was growing up, my parents had this super comfy, caramel-colored leather chair. If memory serves me right (and fam, chime in here if I’m wrong), my dad and I used to sit in it on Saturday mornings and watch Peewee’s Playhouse and eat slices of white bread that we’d rolled up into balls (minus the crust, natch). Classic. Though it got pretty beat up over the years – a big Duck tape “patch” covered a sizable hole in the ottoman – I figured one day they’d get sick of it and donate it to me for my apartment in the city.

Well, it was a very rude awakening when some months ago I found out they’d up and thrown it away! While I’ll never replace the memories, of course, I would love to replace the chair eventually. This one from Anthropologie looks pretty comfy…

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Maggie Club Chair, Anthropologie, $2,698

Sweet Home Chicago

Ah. How could you ever get sick of that view? Every time I see the Chicago skyline it just reminds me how much I love this city. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who’ll take me out on his yacht every once in a while so I get to see it from this vantage point. It’s times like this that I want summer to never end! Then again, it’d be great if tomorrow’s 98 degree high broke before the move…

Weekend Rewind: Breanna’s Wedding!

My childhood friend, which many of you have met at some point over the years, got married on Saturday! It was strange to hear people refer to her as Bre, instead of Beana. (OK, I guess it’s a little childish.) I feel guilty that I haven’t kept in better touch, but hopefully this will start a new chapter for our friendship. I’m honored to have gotten an invite! (Keep in mind it wasn’t a huge wedding.) Her new husband, DJ, is a music therapist, and he seems like a sweet guy. All these weddings sure are making me feel old though!

More than meatballs and allen wrenches

The new 2013 IKEA catalog is out! I’m not excited because I really plan on purchasing much from the Swedish furniture giant, but rather because I like stealing styling ideas from the catalog.

For instance, I never thought about wrapping ugly thrift store frames in fabric (from page 71, clipped below). Spray paint, sure. But fabric? Now that could be a fun way to bring color and/or pattern into a room, not to mention a use for those leftover upholstery scraps.

Apartment Therapy seems to agree with me: click here for their seven “design ideas worth stealing” from the new IKEA catalog. They make some good points!

Hit the bullseye

Excellent news, people – a Target is opening on State Street! I’ll be able to go on my lunch break… how convenient is that?! I’m pumped but also a little worried – Target is dangerous for my wallet. It’s awesome that it’s opening just in time (July 29) for the move though.

Still no word on exactly what day I’ll be moving in, but I’m hoping to hear from the management company this week about when the current tenant is moving out. I think I’ve pretty much resigned to stay in my place a few extra days and move into the new apartment the weekend of the 4th. It’s just too much of a pain to move in the middle of the week! Plus, I figure a slow move will give me a chance to clean both places (hopefully the new one won’t need it, but you never know) and unpack and organize as I go. I’m feeling a very Zen move… ha, who am I kidding? I can’t imagine moving one’s life is ever not chaos, but I’ll try!