I want that Wednesday

I am majorly crushing on this pair of nightstands and matching dresser on Craigslist. And for about an hour on Monday, it’d convinced myself I had $700 to spend on new bedroom furniture (all in all, really not that much considering something similar from West Elm runs $800 for the dresser alone). And then I looked at my bank account and realized that most definitely was not the case. Or rather, sure, I could swing this furniture, but then I’d have ZERO money left to do anything else. No new curtains, no paint, no entry way vignette—no food even—no nuthin’.


I can’t imagine myself getting sick of MCM (that’s midcentury modern for us nerds), so my new plan is to try to rework my bedroom in a way that when I do have money to buy “new” (new to me) furniture, that it’ll fit into the room without a complete overhaul again. I’m not sure that thinking will work, but we’ll see. I feel like I’m just going around and around and around in my head… help!

(Image: Craigslist)


Best shelter mags?


I’m obsessed with magazines. Not only do I work in industry, but I love to read just about any kind of magazine out there. Of course my favorites are the shelter pubs. (I’m still lamenting the loss of Domino! Who’s with me?) That said, I don’t subscribe to a single one of them, and I never seem to pick up the same title time after time (plus, B&N runs just don’t seem to be in the cards these days). While there’s plenty of awesome blogs and online magazines out there for inspiration, nothing satisfies like a beautiful glossy spread of a fab home. So I’m ready to pony up the $12 or whatever and get a national monthly—but which one should I get?

Leave me a comment, and let me know your favs!

Weekend Rewind: I’m a survivor, I’m not goin’ give up

I took the plunge—and I’ve emerged with all of my digits still in tact! Though it did take a few hours and a heating pad to be able to feel my toes again, it actually wasn’t as terrible as I imagined. We lucked out weather-wise: 24º, sunny, no wind. When you’re in the water, you don’t really feel anything because your adrenaline is pumping and you’re just trying not to get run over by the hundred other participants or run into a mini iceburg. The whole experience takes a mere 30 seconds or so.

But the important thing is that I didn’t chicken out. One thing marked off the bucket list! Next up: half marathon. Or skydiving. Actually the most realistic thing is hiking the Grand Canyon (flight already booked!). Stay tuned…

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(Headline commentary: Is anyone else bummed the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl reunion was just a rumor?! Just me?

UPDATE 2/3: Destiny’s Child comes through after all, but no “Survivor”? Damn.)

I must be a damn fool…

It’s official: I’m jumping into Lake Michigan on Saturday. According to the Polar Plunge waiver, I run the risk of hypothermia, loss of consciousness, heart attack, loss of digits and limbs, and/or drowning. Fun.

But it was a New Year’s resolution to live life more, so I’m going to do it. (Well, assuming I don’t die from one of the above risks because then I won’t be living at all.) And I will be helping families in need. Would you like to help the families but also be able to stay in your warm and cozy pajamas on Saturday morning? Click here to donate. Even $5 would help! You can read about the fundraising recipients here.

And if your not opposed to getting dressed, come out and support a sister. Oak Street Beach, Saturday, noon. Bring spiked hot chocolate!


(Image: The Lakeview Polar Bear Club)

I want that Wednesday

I’ve been wracking my brain about home stuff, so I thought I could use a little break and focus on fashion for a hot minute. Speaking of hot, I ordered hot pink jeans—yes, I know it’s the dead of winter, but I had Arizona on the brain—and I’m already in love with them. The price helped: Originally $68, I got them for $29.99! Thanks, Macy.

You know what would look phenomenal paired with ’em? These navy polka dot oxfords…


They look like something my grandma would’ve worn because she’s a classy lady, just like me. (I don’t know Mim, what do you think?) Unfortunately, I didn’t come across them until it was too late—they only have size 6 available left. Those probably would fit my grandma! Fingers crossed they restock.

(Image: gap.com)

Hibernation Begins

It was 7° degrees when I left for work today. Seven! And that doesn’t even take into consideration the windchill. That’s what’s really killer in this here Windy Center (obviously). And as luck would have it, I agreed to dog-sit this week… These are going to be some short walks, Morty!

Winter really does have a whole different vibe than the rest of the year in Chicago. The number of nights one goes out really plummets—which is good for my wallet and liver, so I’m ok with it. Besides, there’s plenty of projects to do around the apartment (again, obviously).

But to put it into perspective, I give you this awesome infographic from Liz Fosselin:


And while this one isn’t really weather related, I’ll throw it in just for good measure. Thinking about moving to Chicago? Here’s your neighborhood guide:


(Images: Like these? Check out Liz’s other fun visual insights into Chicago here. There’s some good ones!)

Weekend Rewind: IU vs. Northwestern

This weekend was surprisingly productive! Sure, I didn’t get as much organizing done as I’d hoped, but it never goes as quickly as you want it to. I did take five bags out to the recycling bin though. Woot!

But the real highlight of the weekend? Seeing my Hoosiers! I went up to Evanston yesterday to watch IU take on Northwestern. The crowd was probably 70 percent IU fans at Welsh-Ryan Arena—or Chicago’s Assembly Hall, as Hoosiers on the train were calling it. The team could have played a lot better, but we did come out on top, 67-59. And I got to sit in the third row!