Trolling Craigslist

Sometimes all you need is a good Craigslist troll to return balance to your life. OK, balance may not be the word I’m looking for here. Tranquility? No, that’s far too deep. It’s more like that feeling when you have a long day at work and come home and just flip on some bad reality TV… You know there’s something better you could be doing with your time, but your brain just needs a break.

That reality show is my Craigslist. It’s like the most interesting random catalog ever. I love it. I’m not really looking to acquire anything – in fact, I’m in purge mode right now! – but it’s just fun to see what’s out there. Here’s a few gems I ran across:


Two Mid Century Bucket Chairs, $350 – It makes me a little nervous that the description of these chairs says they’re “rust orange”… but I’m hopeful it’s actually a warm cognac leather. I picture them in a space like one of my favorite Pins of all time.

Bookcase, $40 – The price is certainly right if this is solid wood! Imagine the styling options… But it’s also very practical with the two storage areas. It kind of reminds me of my bar.

Set of Vintage Chairs, $100 – Cane and bamboo? Well, I’m sold. These obviously need to be reupholstered (I’m picturing the palm leaves motif I’m seeing everywhere), but I’m absolutely loving the details.


Large School Chalkboard, $160 – I know the chalkboard paint trend set sail awhile ago, but I’m kinda still on board, especially when it has a fun vintage schoolhouse feel.  Get the price down, and this could be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

(Images: Craigslist)


A Weeklong Rewind

Last week got away from me. Every week I think, “OK, this week will be a nice, relaxed, obligation-free week…” but instead it blows up with events, drinks, long runs… and, in this case, hot dogs. So. Many. Hot Dogs.


But it had to be done. Hot Doug’s, a Chicago institution, is closing in less than two weeks, so we were left with no choice but to go wait in the ridiculously long line and eat a ridiculous amount of encased meats. For the record, we arrived at 8:30 am, were third in line, and got our food about 10:45. It was definitely the breakfast of champions. Also for the record: These were all mine.

Just keeding. I ordered two: a classic Chicago-style dog and a ham sausage with spicy pineapple salsa. Both were fantastic.

And what goes better with hot dogs than baseball? This was my first trip to Wrigley Field all season! I guess the summer also got away from me. I really need to re-up my love for the Cubbies. I’ll be a better fan next season, promise. Well maybe, ha.


I rounded out the week with drinks with a college roommate, another successful alumni association event…


And—this is a big AND—a 20-mile run! That’s the most I’ve ever run at once in my entire life. It’s the longest run I’ll do before the marathon, but it actually went really well! I think I’m officially ready.

Now let the tapering begin! Thank goodness.


Quoted: Jeffrey Alan Marks

787b0f7e01aaa6eaa7cc97c01f8b735c“We’re really into comfort. Not some abstract idea of what a comfortable room should be, but real comfort—the kind where you can happily drift off for an hour or two with your dog at your feet.”Decorator Jeffrey Alan Marks

JAM -  SF 3175-1024x819Editor’s note: Usually I illustrate these quotes with a hodgepodge of pictures, but I went with all of the designer’s own spaces this time because they really do look comfortable. Do you agree? Check out Jeffrey’s book for more eye candy and insight.


(Images: Jeffery Alan Marks)


I Want That Wednesday: Cheetah Flats

For a home and design blog, I feel like I talk about shoes a lot. Sorry…

But this is exactly the time of year when I want to buy soooo many new shoes! I love sandals, but give me all of the boots and flats instead. OK great, thanks.

Until that happens, I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of cheetah flats. Almost all of my fall/winter clothes are black, so cheetah print provides a nice contrast. But it’s been a struggle to find just the right pair… until now. Say hello to Felicia:


I know pointed-toe flats are all the rage, but I’m more a fan of the classic ballet style. (The pointy ones suffocate my toes, especially now that they’re used to the big toe box on my running shoes!) My plan is to throw together a little look like this:


I know I say I’m only in the market for cheetah print, but what’s also exciting is that Sam Edelman makes this shoe in (at least) 19 colors. 19! If I end up liking these, I can definitely imagine coming back for the Saddle and Sharkskin ones.

What are your go-to flats for this fall?

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats, $90-$110, Zappos

(Images: Zappos, Polyvore)

Disclaimer: “I Want That Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (decor, fashion, food, etc.) I like. The products featured are never sponsored; they’re simply items I’ve come across that I’m crushing on and that I thought you might enjoy as well. Let me know if you love it/ hate it/ can’t get enough of it.

Weekend Rewind: Ice Bath Challenge

I finally did the ice bucket challenge! Well, in a sense…

IMG_2484OK, there was no charity involved here. No, this ice bath was just a necessity after running 18 friggin’ miles. Who am I?! #chicagomarathon #orbust


For those of you familiar with Chicago, 18 miles is essentially from the Montrose Brown Line stop, out to the Lakefront Trail, down to the Shedd Aquarium… and back. This was the halfway point, about 7:30 Saturday morning. I was slow, but steady. I’d say it went better than expected.IMG_2491

My plan was to go out to the suburbs for a flea market (something that’s been on my bucket list for a year!), but I couldn’t muster the energy to be on my feet all day at a fairground. Hell, I didn’t even want to put on shoes. I guess I’m single-handedly bringing back the slide sandal. Who needs Birkenstocks when you’ve held onto these beauties since 8th grade soccer? That was 1999… they’re practically vintage!


Luckily, by Sunday I had recovered enough to make it to the bar for the Bears game—and more importantly, to kick ass at Jenga!


I Want That Wednesday: Maddie the Coonhound

If you haven’t been able to tell from my Instagram or Weekend Rewinds, I’m a huuuge sucker for my family’s dog, a vizsla named Coco. I would definitely have a dog of my own if my landlord allowed it, and it’d almost certainly be one from the sporting or hound groups—pointers, weimaraners, plotts, etc.

So that’s why I’m especially smitten with Maddie the Coonhound.


It’s not actually Maddie that I want (well, sure, if she was up for adoption, I’d be all about it), but what’s more feasible is a few of these great photographs from Maddie’s owner, Theron Humphrey.

Is she not irresistable? I can tell just by looking at her that she’s a “Velcro dog” like Coco. I’m not sure how he gets her to hold still for so long though! Coco is a wild woman so I rarely get a good pic of her.


Humphrey is also doing this awesome photo essay called Why We Rescue, about 50 people across 50 states who have adopted pets. Check it out. (And make sure your sound is on!)

Maddie the Coonhound prints, $20 each, Maddie on Things

(Images: Maddie on Things)

Disclaimer: “I Want That Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (decor, fashion, food, etc.) I like. The products featured are never sponsored; they’re simply items I’ve come across that I’m crushing on and that I thought you might enjoy as well. Let me know if you love it/ hate it/ can’t get enough of it.


Design Inspiration: Arai Bathroom

When we were up in Michigan last weekend, we rented a house on VRBO, the “Up North Retreat” they called it. According to the listing, it was designed by Glenn Arai, who is apparently a well-known (at least locally) modernist architect from Northern Michigan. (Check out this other place he designed on Old Mission Peninsula – it’s really beautiful!)

It was definitely a welcome departure from the kitschy nautical and North Woods themed rentals, but my favorite part… the bathroom!


I LOVED the huge skylight! It’s kind of awesome to feel like you’re showering in nature—not in a naughty way, just in a refreshing way. Luckily the house is situated on a hillside with plenty of trees preventing the neighbors from having a full-body shot (or really any kind of a view).

The one thing I’d change? That carpet! Who puts carpet in a bathroom?!

You can see more pics of this rental here.