I want that Wednesday

I pretty much love everything about this vignette – the globes, the chair and patterned pillow, the bar set-up – but what I really like is the chalkboard paint. I know it’s been hot for over a year now, but I’ve really been jonesing for something chalkboard lately – and I might make it happen… after the holidays… when I’m (hopefully) not completely broke!


What do you think? Are you over the chalkboard trend? The HGTV blog takes up the discussion here. Let me know what YOU think – leave your comments below!

Reveal: Bedroom

So I know I promised to reveal the bedroom weeks ago… but life got in the way, so here it is now. It’s a cozy little (actually big) spot to get some R&R with plenty of space and a great closet. The lamps are actually the ones I bought for the living room in my old place, but I moved them in here after my great MCM Craigslist finds. I put fancy wrapping paper under the glass on top of the nightstands; it happened to match the floral painting almost perfectly. (I actually found that painting in the basement of my first house in Bloomington, and I’ve lugged it from place to place since – still love it!)

The bedroom still needs some work; there’s no doubt about that. There’s a bit of an identity crisis going on with the funky retro-style dressers (actually filling cabinets from Dania) and the traditional nightstands (record cabinets). Maybe some kind of headboard would pull it all together? Plus, I need a duvet cover now that it’s winter time, and I DEF need to get a curtain that actually blocks out the sun. But there’s always something, right? Since it’s just me that sees it, I’ve been focusing more on the living and dining rooms instead.

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I apologize again for the quality of the images. I’ve asked Santa for a new camera!

Weekend Rewind: Scottsdale, AZ

I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend out in Arizona for a friend’s wedding. Not only did we get to enjoy the ceremony and reception, but we also fit in hiking, sunbathing by the pool, a night out in Old Town Scottsdale and – maybe most importantly – In-N-Out. The only thing missing was Spring Training baseball with Ash!

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Some images courtesy of Clare Torres