I need your help – well your money really

Next weekend I am participating in Kicks for a Cure, the world’s largest charity kickball tournament. Some of you may remember that I played last year as well, and it turned out to be one of the funnest days of the summer.  So with your contribution, not only will you be funding a damn good time for me, you’ll really be donating to Receptions for Research, a foundation Chicago Bear Greg Olsen started to raise funds for breast cancer victims and their families.

Please help me raise money for a great cause! CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

3 funerals, 1 day

Today was a very bad day.

First, I had to attend a funeral for a man I’d never even met. It was a full-on Catholic Mass complete with bagpipes. Don’t ask.

Then I had to say goodbye to Ransey (a mix of Reilly, Andy and Kelsey) Manor. Reilly and I spent all afternoon cleaning the place, and it was kind of a sad farewell, even though Andy’s been gone for a month. We had some damn good times in that place, and it was a great apartment for the price. Maybe I don’t want to live alone after all.

Ransey's last night together

Or maybe I don’t want to live in a 115-year-old house with freaking obstacles at every entrance. The last funeral was for the beautiful Crate & Barrel sofa I bought on Craigslist that won’t fit through the door to the apartment. Guess we needed more than luck to make that work. So long class, hello IKEA. $500 mistakes hurt.

I had all these grand ideas of what my first place was going to be like, but nothing seems to be coming together despite my preparations (I was semi-obsessed). I guess I’ve learned that you can’t make a house a home in the matter of a day or two, but EXPECTATIONS ARE A REAL BITCH.

And we’re in!

The move took pretty much all day on Sunday – and even spilled over into Monday a bit (good thing I took off…) – but I’ve officially taken residence at the new place! We really lucked out with great weather, and the traffic wasn’t bad considering PRIDE was this weekend. Much love to my parents for moving me!

I’m unpacked for the most part and even went grocery shopping and made a (expensive) Target run. Tonight will be the big challenge though – getting a couch in the door. If only you could grease up a couch to squeeze it through, but alas it’s microfiber, so that’d be pretty awful idea. Well, here’s to hoping!


Countdown to move-in: 2 days!

We’re getting dangerously close to moving day, but packing is coming along quite well (though you always have more to do than you think, of course). I worked my patootie off last night, and I think that was key because I have a date tonight and a baby shower tomorrow and then what do you know, it’s Sunday. My father insists on coming up at 8 a.m. to start the move… oy vey! I shouldn’t complain though; I don’t have to hire movers.

The packing process is a lot easier when you have an empty room to start stacking stuff up in (thanks, Dee!). I called yesterday and set up all the utilities (ComEd and Peoples Gas both went surprisingly well; I’ve heard they can be a real nightmare), and after work today I’m going to get parking signs from the alderman to reserve a spot right in front of the house on Sunday. I imagine we’ll be taking most stuff through the alley though.

Depending on how smoothly the next two days go, you may not hear from me until I’m fully moved into the new place! WISH ME LUCK…

Fine dining

I finally have a piece a furniture! Bought this beauty off Craigslist for $80 and plan to reupholster the chairs myself. They’re fine as is, but my kitchen is kind of retro looking (well except for the hideous beige tile, just going to pretend that doesn’t exist). I’m hoping to find fabric with a vintage-y pattern in red, white, black and maybe pink (to add a housewife-esque touch). I’ll post a Before & After when it’s complete.

I had to get such a small table and only two chairs because the kitchen isn’t laid out the best, and there’s not much room for dining (certainly not as much as is pictured here in the apartment I’m leaving). But, hey, there’s a chair for me and I’m living alone, so TWO IS MORE THAN ENOUGH, RIGHT?

I want that Wednesdays

I haven’t figured out how you incorporate nautical elements in urban dwellings without it coming off super cheesy (it’s hard enough to do it classy in a beach house), but everyone knows I have a penchant for anchors, stripes and sailors in uniform. That said, I’m not sure if anything nautical will have a place in my new pad, but I’d gladly make room for these cuties from JONATHAN ADLER.