Quoted: Taxi Driver

Travis Bickle: I should get one of those signs that says “One of these days I’m gonna get organezized”.

Betsy: You mean organized?

Travis Bickle: Organezized. Organezized. It’s a joke. O-R-G-A-N-E-Z-I-Z-E-D…

Betsy: Oh, you mean organezized. Like those little signs they have in offices that says, “Thimk”?

Taxi Driver

Foodie Friday: Oatmeal Casserole

I don’t like oatmeal. No matter what I add to it—bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon, all delicious—I just can’t get over the consistency. But I know it’s really good for me, so I’m trying creative ways to include in my breakfasts. And that’s what led me to the oatmeal casserole.

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Strangely enough, this recipe is an adaptation from Urban Nester, though hers is gluten-free and I have no idea if this is or not. But it did turn out quite scrumptious, and I’d definitely make it again for a brunch party or a smaller batch for little ol’ me (a whole tray was just too much to eat before it went bad). That said, you can refrigerate it for a few days and it keeps just fine. It’s also super easy to sub things in depending on personal taste.

Baked Oatmeal Casserole
Total Time: 50 minutes (my oven is awful, so it took probably 1 hour, 15 min total)
Serves: 8

2 cups old fashioned oats
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup almond slivers (could use any kind of nut here, I just had these left over)
1 cup fresh blueberries (again, any berry works)
1/2 cup mini milk chocolate chips
2 cups milk
1 large egg
3 tablespoons butter, melted
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 ripe banana, peeled, 1/2-inch slices

Preheat oven to 375°F and generously spray the inside of a 10-1/2 by 7 inch baking dish with cooking spray and place on a baking sheet.

In a large bowl, mix together the oats, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, half the nuts, half the blueberries and half the chocolate. (Save the other half for the top of the oatmeal). In another large bowl, whisk together the milk, egg, butter and vanilla extract.

Add the oat mixture to prepared baking dish. Arrange the remaining berries, nuts and chocolate on top. Add the banana slices to the top then pour the milk mixture over everything. Gently shake the baking dish to help the milk mixture go throughout the oats. Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until the top is nicely golden brown and the milk mixture has set. For an extra tasty top, sprinkle a tablespoon or so of extra brown sugar.  Bon appetit!

(Images: My own. I’m sorry the lighting in my kitchen is so terrible…)

Reblog: Own a Piece of Charlie Trotter’s

I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t make it to Charlie Trotter’s before it shuttered in August; I feel like I missed out on a Chicago institution. But perhaps I can make it to one of Grant Achatz‘s restaurants one of these days, you know, when I have an extra $200+ laying around (oh, and somehow land a reservation).

But I digress. You and I can still get in on the Charlie Trotter experience: He’s auctioning off a bunch of items from the famed Lincoln Park resto.

Reblogged from Chicago Home + Garden Domestica e-newsletter: “You probably already know that after shuttering his Lincoln Park restaurant, Charlie Trotter decided to make some extra cash by auctioning off many of the items from inside of it. Unfortunately, the first attempt to do so was abruptly halted by Trotter himself. Well now the restaurateur is giving it another shot—online. Through Monday, you can submit bids on Trotter’s tablecloths, chairs, china, dishes, artwork, china cabinets, pots, and pretty much anything else you can think of that makes a restaurant run. Prices seem pretty low so far (I saw an All-Clad stock pot for only $35), but are sure to go higher as Monday gets closer.”

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Now it’s all a little too formal for my tastes, but it’s a cool idea to own a piece of restaurant history—perhaps at a bargain.

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I want that Wednesday

Ah my Hoosiers. I cannot get enough of IU men’s basketball right now. Oladipo. is. a. BEAST. Last night, we beat No. 4 Michigan State to stay on top of the rankings. This could be our year! (That comes from a life-long Cubs fan, natch.)

I’d love to show off my Hoosier pride in my decor. I think it’s hard for girls (ok, women) to incorporate sports memorabilia in their homes without seeming immature or tomboy-ish. But whatever, what do I care? Besides, I think a great vintage pennant in a shadow box could be very tasteful. But now, how do I actually acquire one? I’m not really impressed by the eBay options, plus a lot of them are mini-pennants.

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[Side comment: While I’m loyal to my alma mater, I have mixed feelings about Provost Lauren Robel’s recommendation to combine the journalism, telecommunication and the communication & culture programs. I have no problem with the disciplines coming together—journalists need to be able to do it all these days—BUT it should be it’s own school, not be enveloped into the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/ZgGn51]

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Weekend Rewind: IKEA Time

I stopped in IKEA Bolingbrook this weekend on the way down to my parents’ house. I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything (big)—I think I’m finally over that part of my life—but it’s always fun to look for ideas in their model rooms and checkout what’s new. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Glivarp Dining Table, $299

Glivarp Dining Table, $299 and Tobias Chairs, $80/each

I never thought about it, but I love the idea of getting a dining table that matches my coffee table and side tables; I think it’d help the flow from living room to dining room to have something repeating. A similar dining table from CB2 would run me $350, Crate & Barrel $800… And neither have an extender like the IKEA version, which would be great for dinner parties!

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Foodie Friday: Cheesecake

I have to give my fellow blogger, coworker and Hoosier (she was at IU the same years as me! We didn’t know each other until now though) a nod today: Melissa makes a DAMN good cheesecake. I can honestly say it’s best I’ve ever had. She brought it in to share with the staff for Valentine’s Day. Most people couldn’t resist and ended up eating it for breakfast; I held off until after lunch, which is a good thing because I think it would have given me a stomach ache eating something so sweet that early. But isn’t it kind of true that the best things in life give us stomach aches?


I’m not going to lie: I’ll never make this. There are waaay too many steps. Think you have what it takes to make it? Check out the recipe on Melissa’s blog, Sweet Melissa’s Life. And let me know when it’s done—I’ll come taste-test it!