IKEA Solution: Winter Linens Storage

I had a lapse in judgement this weekend. No, I didn’t have too many whiskeys or splurge on an expensive pair of shoes or quit my day job (thankfully).

I put away my fleece blanket. It’s mid-March, I thought. We’re in the final stretch.

And then I woke up this morning to this…

winterMarchThat’s about five more inches of snow. It brings Chicago’s snowfall total this winter to just under 80 inches. Eighty friggin’ inches, people! I should have known better.

But the good news is that I’ve discovered an awesome new storage solution for when/if I finally can store those heavy linens: IKEA’s Komplement Wire Basket.

DSC00390I spotted it when I was there on Saturday, and while I wasn’t exactly on the hunt for more under-the-bed storage, its perfection hit me as soon as I saw it. Funny how IKEA always seems to make you pick up things you don’t need… but I swear this was a solid investment. DSC00392It was a Last Chance item (which I think means they’re discontinuing it? Maybe they’re discontinuing this beige color, but who cares, nobody’s going to see it anyway), so it would’ve originally gone for $25, but I snagged it for $8. I’m seriously thinking about driving the 30-some-odd miles out there just to get another one for the other side of the bed. DSC00394

It fits perfectly under my no-frills full frame. It’s originally made to fit in one of the IKEA wardrobes, and it came with the equipment to install it to slide out, but I just pitched that part of it. It really fits a surprising amount of stuff. This is one heating blanket, one full set of sheets, plus a few extra pillowcases, and a full set of heavy-duty fleece sheets.

DSC00400What’s your trick to storing your winter linens?

Chiberia Warms Up—In a Sense

It’s amazing what two-plus days stuck in an apartment can do to a person. The polar vortex really had me down (though I really shouldn’t complain about “working” from home for two days) until I unearthed a gem in my linen closet.

OK, first off, I don’t actually have a linen closet. It’s really just a few shelves in the back of my clothes closet that hosts extra sheets, blankets, dated throw pillows, etc. Ha, I wish I had a dedicated linen closet, but who do you think I am?

Secondly, I haven’t given my bedroom much attention lately mostly because nobody ever really sees it, and it’s a bit overrun with, um, the other tenant’s “things” (cough, cough, hint, hint). Notice I did not include his nightstand in the picture…

But anywho, when I was hunting down a missing sock in the closet (also my laundry room, medicine cabinet and handbag holder—it’s really not that big), I rediscovered this handmade quilt from my Mimi. I thought it would be just thing to brighten my mood—and room—and help me ride out this bitter cold. What do we think?

BEDROOMfinalI know there’s a lot of pattern going on there, but I actually think it works really well. I’m kind of obsessed with it, but maybe just because it’s so terrible outside and turquoise makes me think of a tropical resort on the beach, where I should most definitely be right now.

Love it, hate it, have a different way of coping? Let me know!

(Sources: Lamp-Lamps Plus, Rug-Crate & Barrel, Paisley Quilt and Throw Pillow-West Elm)

(Long) Weekend Rewind: Chiberia

Hey there, I hope everyone is someplace safe and warm today. It’s scary out there! It was -17 when I woke up this morning, and despite all the sunshine, it’s still only -14. Work was called off, but I did wander out (I mean, sure it’s dangerous… but that’s how I live! OK, not really but I did want to know what -14 felt like.). The verdict: It’s miserable. I couldn’t believe people were out shoveling! I was only out there for about five minutes. I’m not looking forward to the commute tomorrow—outside of the fact that I have major cabin fever—but it is supposed to be three times as warm, thankfully.

Here’s some pictures—in chronological order—of the tundra and how we’re coping with hibernation (click for a slideshow):

If you noticed the uptick in cat pictures it’s because I’ve been home alone with the she-devil—three cancelled flights later, and the boo is still stuck in New York—but she has been surprisingly nice since I picked her up from the kennel. I don’t want to think about what happened in there to make her be nice to me… But we’ve come a long way, Zoe. I’m glad someone is here to keep me company!

I Want That Wednesday

But I probably shouldn’t.

Because I’m an adult.


I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but I cherish the fact that Christmas in the Peters family doesn’t involve kids. My brother and I are both in our 20s and childless (thank god), and our family is pretty small to begin with. The closest relative under the age of 15 is about 1,100 miles away. And that is a-OK by me. Kids are loud. And sticky. (No offense, Jake and McKenna! <3)

But then I see things like this, and I think, would I not be the coolest mom/ aunt/fairy godmother EVER if I gifted this to a little one?

jetaire-camper-play-tentOr is it reasonable for me to have this for myself? I don’t have a den… Ok, frankly I don’t have room for this anywhere, but I would absolutely hang out in it if I did. It could be my drinking quarters. Look, this kid is already getting started:

jetaire-camper-play-tent-1It’d be perfect for my friend Rebecca’s plan for a camp-in (as opposed to a camp-out). Thank you, Land of Nod, winter was a little bit longer before this. Well, except for those crazies that actually go camping in the snow… I’ll be sticking to my faux campfire, fools!

I Want That Wednesday

With the first snow fall of year now under our belts, winter has, in fact, arrived here in Chicago. I shouldn’t complain because fall really did last longer than normal, but now those beautiful leaves are scattered along the ground, the trees are barren and every day seems a bit grayer than the one before. Let the hibernation begin!

But while I break out the heating blanket and debate whether to insulate the windows, it sure would be nice to still enjoy a bit of mother nature away from that damn Chicago wind. Enter: fresh flowers.

Bloom2Bloom_fireworksFlowers are something that I would LOVE to have on hand year-round, but it’s just one of those extras that not in the budget right now. If you look through any shelter magazine, almost all of the featured homes have a vase of flowers in at least one shot. Plus, there’s supposedly health benefits to having fresh flowers around. Flower power, indeed!

bloom2bloom_interiorSure, I could go buy flowers at my grocery or a flower shop—I do like to “shop small” when I can—but since we’re entering the holiday season, it’s always nice to give a little something back, too. I’m loving the seasonal flowers from Bloom 2 Bloom. With every bouquet you buy, another one is donated to a community organization, like a hospital, shelter or nursing home. So you’re making someone else feel special, too! It’s definitely something to consider if you’re gifting flowers, a better alternative to the big, box, 1-800-FLOWERS kind of places.

bloom2bloom_redhotAlso, all the flowers are grown right here in the U.S. of A. Each boutique is priced between $40 and $50, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.

OK, so who needs my address? : )