(Long) Weekend Rewind: Turkey-less Thanksgiving

Let’s just go ahead and admit it: Turkey, it’s not great. I mean, I enjoy it once a year, probably more for nostalgia reasons than anything else. So I was not upset when our meal looked more Cinco de Mayo party than Thanksgiving dinner.

IMG_3258We had tortilla chips, two kinds of salsa, queso, guacamole (which I’m getting pretty darn good at making btw!), ceviche, sausage and cheese puffs, AND tacos with all the fixins… It was definitely still a ridiculous feast. Oh, and margaritas. I’ve never eaten to the point of literally throwing up – I came close Thursday. It was all so good!

The dog and I looked the same after all that food – practically comatose. Mimi looked the best per usual.

IMG_3274We didn’t bother trying to fight the Black Friday crowds. That is just really not my thing. Plus, by some kind of miracle, I already have some of my Christmas shopping done. I had to give my dad his present early because… it’s a trip! I bought us tickets (and flights and a hotel room) to see our Hoosiers play Louisville at Madison Square Garden in a couple weeks. I. am. pumped!

Then I rounded out the weekend with a wedding – last one of the season! It’s crazy how many weddings you attend in your late 20’s… I already have two save the dates for next year! But I’m super happy for Mark and Kara, and it was fun to celebrate with the old high school gang. That’s what the holidays are all about!


Weekend Rewind: Friendsgiving Dinner

I know it seems like all I do is live for the weekend, but… well, I kinda do live for the weekend. (I have been working on some new projects around the apartment though; I’ll share those later this week.) I kicked off the best time of the year – college basketball season the holidays! – by hosting a Friendsgiving last weekend.

It’s amazing how much work goes into hosting a dinner party – and I didn’t even cook all the food! I made pork roast instead of turkey (I like my mom’s once a year, but I don’t need it more often than that), and all of my friends pitched in an appetizer, side or dessert. We had sooo much food: brie and crackers, nuts, baked garlic, spinach balls, potato casserole, collard greens, roasted vegetables, Amish chicken and noodles, derby pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin rice krispie treats… I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It was gluttony at it’s finest.

Despite all the hours spent cleaning my apartment, Pinterest-ing my dining room table and stocking up on beer, wine and whiskey, I would absolutely do it again tomorrow. I’d love to hold a regular dinner series once a month or so with different themes. Unfortunately, I just don’t think it’s in my budget – all that stuff adds up! But I do have the perfect table for it, which is exactly why I bought it in the first place.

At the very least, hopefully this can become an annual Friendsgiving because – bear with me, I’m about to get sappy here – it really did make me thankful to all the wonderful friends, both old and new, in my life! xoxo

Weeklong Rewind: Thanksgiving Fun

Hey all, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I had a relaxing, low-key holiday back at my parents’ house. It was exactly what the doctor ordered—except that now I have a cold. Bah humbug. But I got to spend some quality time with brother who was home from college and my grandparents who came over for Turkey Day (and the velcro dog, of course), and for that I was very thankful.


Did anybody get any good deals at the sales? I didn’t partake in the Black Friday madness—crowds aren’t really my thing—but I did order a new pair of boots online. Is it just me or is it incredible hard to find a cute (but quality) pair of caramel/cognac/whiskey boots this season? I’m still not sure these will fit the bill, but we’ll find out soon enough.

What every Thanksgiving dinner needs: turkey cake (For the record, I did not buy this.)

What every Thanksgiving dinner needs: turkey cake. (For the record, I did not buy this.)

Speaking of whiskey, I toured one of Chicago’s distilleries last weekend! Koval Distillery is actually just up the street from me, and I’ve been meaning to go on a tour for over a year now. Finally a few friends and I made it happen—and boy, did we get our money’s worth! We got an Amazon Local deal so we only paid $5 each, and I bet we got to try 10 different products. Most were whiskeys, one vodka, a few liqueurs… made for an interesting Sunday. I was a fan of the Ginger Liqueur (would be awesome to cook with) and the Toasted Rye. My advice? Stay away from the white whiskey!photo