On My Mind: December Edition


1. In a similar vain to October’s “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers,” I’m loving The Concourse’s “2014 Hater’s Guide to The Williams-Sonoma Catalog.” I guess this is the third annual guide, but this is the first I’ve seen of it and it’s right on. So, so funny. Here’s a taste:

“You are safe from the outside world here. It’s just you, your $685 Vitamix blender (“No waste and plenty of extra fiber!”), and no possible way for city residents to access your neighborhood via public transit. While the world burns outside, you will be snug and secure with all your loved ones, talking about your times at Princeton (I assume all of you went to Princeton), breathing in the scents from a literal Dutch oven, and spooning out fresh cassoulet from one of your MANY Le Creuset cooking dishes. Isn’t life FABULOUS?!”

2. What TV shows are you guys watching right now? I feel like I need some fresh material for 2015. It doesn’t need to be anything new. I gave The Newsroom a try recently, and it didn’t hook me (despite my journalism background). I’m not into fantasy or sci-fi; I like comedies, but I’m in the mood for suspense. True Detective maybe? The Good Wife? Fargo?

3. One can never take too many design quizzes in my opinion. If you’re of similar mindset, here’s a new one for you from the folks over at Domaine Home. I think it might be the most accurate yet in terms of my decor style. You’ve seen my place. Do you agree with this?

California Eclectic: You love the combination of midcentury modern lines with organic pieces, ethnic textiles, and plenty of plant life. An expert at layering, you never met a brass accent piece or large-scale photograph you didn’t like.

4. I don’t normally talk about my personal life on the blog, but since it does affect my living situation I’ll go ahead and tell y’all that the boy and I broke up (a few months ago now). I won’t go into details, but if I have one piece of advice from this situation it’s that you should move your things out of your significant other’s place as soon as possible. Do not drag it out; it only makes things worse. Luckily, he didn’t have much in the way of furniture or home items, so I didn’t have to reconfigure the apartment or acquire anything new. However, I definitely still took some advice from Apartment Therapy’s 5 Redecorating Steps for the Recently Consciously Uncoupled. The best thing about this whole situation? I no longer have to put up with the cat from hell. Hallelujah!

5. I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas! This entire month, I’ve never felt like “I can’t wait for Christmas to be here already”—instead, it’s felt like the month has flown by. But now that I’m off work and spending time with the family and can see all the presents under the tree (my parents STILL haven’t realized that I’m an adult yet), I’m definitely ready. In true Peters family tradition, I’m watching SNL’s “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” to get in the spirit. Merry Christmas to all!


IKEA Hack and Quiz

SUPER exciting news, guys: Urban Nesting is on IKEA Hackers!!! Remember the RIBBA frame that I turned into a bar tray a couple weeks ago? It’s featured on their landing page today!

IKEAHackersI don’t think I’ve ever been picked up by another blog so I’m thrilled! If you ended up here from IKEA Hackers and you do this “hack” (really it’s just more of, say, a reconfigure), please leave a comment or send pictures—I’d love to see how yours turned out. I’m thinking about making another one with a larger RIBBA for the living room. It’s just so cheap and customizable—two things that so rarely go together.


Speaking of IKEA, I’m loving the “What’s Your Spring Style?” quiz they sponsored over on Lonny. I know I’ve been really into quizzes lately, but I’m not apologizing—I’m stressing over the painting I’m hoping to do in a few weeks! I’m dreaming about paint colors at night, and needless to say, I’m constantly looking for inspiration. But I think this quiz totally hit the nail on the head:

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 12.29.36 PM

I don’t know if I’ll be putting up a flag anytime soon (though I’m not opposed to it), but seersucker? Yes. Stripes? Yes. G&Ts? Please!

Now, who wants to go to Cape Cod with me?

Quiz: What’s Your Design Aesthetic?

Everyone’s favorite listicle website, Buzzfeed, now has a fun new design quiz! The questions range from “What color is your soul?” (definitely navy) to “How would you like your eggs?” (deviled, duh).

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.12.13 PMI got… Pottery Barn meets a Pinterest search for the term “rustic.” At first I was VERY upset. I’ve never bought a thing from PB or searched “rustic” on Pinterest! But then I read the description:

You love to keep your stuff in baskets and mason jars. Your dream house features a wood porch, exposed beams, and lighting fixtures made from twigs. When you are old, you will move to a log cabin or a cozy barn-like structure and live by lantern light.

OK, so it’s about half right. I do not have baskets, but I do like to drink out of mason jars. My dream house does have a wood porch and exposed beams, but definitely not lighting fixtures made from twigs. (What does that even mean?) And I can see myself going the log cabin route when I’m old and cranky, but I highly doubt I’ll give up electricity.

What’s your style? Take the quiz here, and let me know if it more accurately portrays your tastes!

Quiz: Find Your Style

find-your-style-quiz-1Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Or even a bad one, really. I have to say, the Find Your Style quiz from Sauder Furniture didn’t peg me very well: “You could be found having a personal dance party with your music cranked up listening to Madonna, amidst your sleek, streamlined furniture with its bursts of hot pink and emerald accents. A wall hanging of a famous Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe print might be found next to a geometrically shaped sculpture or lamp.” I know my design style is still a work in progress and I certainly don’t mind a pop of hot pink, but I’m not exactly a Warhol fan… or Madonna for that matter.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck. Take it here.