Weekend Rewind: Ice Bath Challenge

I finally did the ice bucket challenge! Well, in a sense…

IMG_2484OK, there was no charity involved here. No, this ice bath was just a necessity after running 18 friggin’ miles. Who am I?! #chicagomarathon #orbust


For those of you familiar with Chicago, 18 miles is essentially from the Montrose Brown Line stop, out to the Lakefront Trail, down to the Shedd Aquarium… and back. This was the halfway point, about 7:30 Saturday morning. I was slow, but steady. I’d say it went better than expected.IMG_2491

My plan was to go out to the suburbs for a flea market (something that’s been on my bucket list for a year!), but I couldn’t muster the energy to be on my feet all day at a fairground. Hell, I didn’t even want to put on shoes. I guess I’m single-handedly bringing back the slide sandal. Who needs Birkenstocks when you’ve held onto these beauties since 8th grade soccer? That was 1999… they’re practically vintage!


Luckily, by Sunday I had recovered enough to make it to the bar for the Bears game—and more importantly, to kick ass at Jenga!

Endless possibilities

Nike launched a new line of ultra-reflective running gear, and they asked me to come shoot an event with their sales associates on Monday.The idea is that when car headlights hit you, you’ll REALLY stand out. Same goes for a camera flash…

The photos remind me of those old iPod commercials. I wish I had gotten a little more heads up – I had no idea what it was for; they just told me to show up at 5:30 – because you could produce some really awesome photos with these jackets. I’d just buy one myself to play around with, but they retail for a smooth $350. I’m not THAT serious of a runner or photographer.