Weekend Rewind: Goodbyes (Well, Sorta)

I have a really good reason for the hiatus this time, I swear: I got a new job! This is my last week at the old place, and I start as a web editor at a university next Monday. I’m pretty pumped. I think it’ll be a really good work/life balance where I’ll have more time to freelance and blog… and fund more DIY projects! Oh, and go back to school! #winwinwinwin

It is kind of bittersweet, however, because I’ve wanted to work for a magazine since I was 16 years old, and I really like my coworkers, especially these two.

photoWe went to a Cubs game this weekend to celebrate the new job and have one last Old Style (or five). Goodbye to another terrible season, goodbye to my current job—hopefully both me and the Cubs are on the up and up!

Big News

Hi guys, sorry about my hiatus from the blog. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a fun New Year’s Eve. I will catch everybody up on my holidays this week, but one of the reasons why it’s been particularly crazy around here is because…


I’ll be the assistant managing editor of a collection of luxury magazines. I’m a little nervous about not being fashionable enough to work there, but otherwise, I’m very excited. Granted, this won’t change my mission statement much – it’s still a low-paying J.O.B. (thanks a lot, journalism), but at least it won’t be as time consuming. And that means more time for DIY projects! Yay! I’m excited to be downtown again; I know it’ll be much more inspiring than the deary west side. And I’m (very) grateful for the opportunity to wear jeans to work!

Only one week left at my current position, then a week in Mexico and then the new endeavor begins. 2012 is looking bright!