Weekend Rewind: Celebrating America

Pardon my photo dump here… there’s just too many fun pics from this weekend not to share! (Click any image to see it bigger.)

Why does it have to be Monday already? Long live the (long) weekend!

I Want That Wednesday

“I Want That Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (decor, fashion, food, etc.) I like. Egotistical, right? I’m hoping in time it’ll help me define my personal tastes. Let me know if you love it/hate it/can’t get enough of it.

Every day I go back and forth on whether or not I like the oriental rug in my living room. I know it’s a high-quality, vintage piece—and actually it hides dust and dirt very well—but something about it just isn’t right to me. Maybe it’s too dark for the space?

Anyway, you know I swapped out the oriental rug for the yellow striped one in the bedroom at one point. It looked ok, but the dhurrie quality (not very plush) and light coloring (showed every single cat hair!) did nothing for me. And I actually missed it in the bedroom more than I thought I would.rug_livingroom

So it’s still a work in progress. Such is life. Maybe I layer a light sisal rug underneath it? Or I’d love to give this rug a go:

sci18-58_corner-suryaIt’s almost a hint at nautical without the sailboats or anchors, so of course I love it. It’s colors are light, but not so much that you worry about any little thing getting on it. I’m partial to this color combo, but if you’re curious, it also comes in berry/purple and lime/emerald.

Scion Patch Rug, about $825 for a 5×8 from Rugs Direct and Rugs HQ

(Rug images: Scion)

I Want That Wednesday

My feet are in some desperate need of air. And that’s not to say I have cheese feet. I don’t take after my dad in that regard, thankfully.

It’s that I used to love boots, but this friggin’ forever-long winter has me anxious to slip into anything that starts below the ankle. Sandals, flats, cute sneakers. Hell, even heels sound appealing right now, and if you know me at all, I would never say that.

But these would make my feet (and heart) especially happy:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.48.17 PMHow could they not? They’re so ridiculously cute. Sure, I don’t summer in the Cape or Kennebunkport or the Hamptons (yet), but I may have to splurge on these nonetheless. Are whales appropriate for the Midwest?

Whale Canvas Smoking Slipper, $138, C. Wonder

Design Inspiration: “Float”

I’m really enjoying exploring the Loop—and even a bit of the South Loop—now that my job is downtown. I’ve never actually worked in the Loop proper, so the last time I hung out in this part of the city is when I moved up to Chicago for a summer in high school (shout out to Columbia College’s HSSI—one of the absolute best things my parents let me do). I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but that was 10 YEARS ago! Omg…

Anyway, much love goes out to the Chicago Loop Alliance and their offshoot Pop-Up Art Loop. It’s an organization that creates partnerships between artists and property owners, transforming empty storefronts in the Loop. Temporary gallery, exhibition and interactive space is created at no cost to the artist and in prime real estate. What a good idea! (They also host gallery walks and an alley party, among other initiatives.)

photo 2As you can imagine, the work is always changing, but my favorite right now is Noah MacMillan‘s “Float,” a mural that wraps around the southwest corner of State and Adams. They say, “The artwork, which is the largest of its kind in Chicago, depicts a surreal parade winding through downtown Chicago, in which colorful sea-creature floats appear to swim through the streets.” You know I have a soft spot for all things nautical…photo 1

Christmas Swag

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Mine was awesome! I really count my lucky stars that I’m closer to 30 than 20 (omgomgomgomg…), and I still get a ton of presents from my family. Here are just a few of my favorite things:

IMG_1821Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Set of Four Shot Glasses (JCPenney’s)
How adorable are these gold-rimmed, animal-decaled shot glasses? I looove the little carrier too.

IMG_1831J.A. Henckels Fine Edge Cutlery 10 Piece (Macy’s)
I needed new knives so bad, and I’m especially excited to have a bread knife so I stop crushing my poor baguettes!

IMG_1813Vintage owl book ends (Similar ones here and here)
My brother and his girlfriend picked these up for me in North Carolina—such a unique gift! They go great with my  mirror and pendant.

IMG_1827You Anchor Me decanter set (Uncommon Goods)
Do you think my family has pegged me as the drinker of the bunch? Oh well. I’ve been crushing on this decanter and matching tumblers for months! Remember them from I Want That Wednesday?IMG_1817Keds Rally Sparkle (Similar here)
I actually bought these for my grandma for Christmas. They were too small for her, but it turned out they fit me perfectly. (Not to worry, I ordered her a bigger size.) This photo does not do them justice—they’re so cute on!

What was your favorite gift? My mom starts doing her Christmas shopping earlier and earlier every year, so I could use some ideas!

Complete This Space: Entryway Vignette

Last week I posted the Before and After entryway bookcase reveal, but the thing I didn’t really mention is that the space is still a work in progress. The bookcase looks amazing, and I’m actually liking it more and more every day. But since it’s a shorter piece, the wall above it is barren… and that’s just sad. I thought about getting some kind of cool lamp to put on top, but there’s no outlet along that part of the wall, and runaway cords are just messy. I also thought about painting the wall in chalkboard paint, but then the chalk residue will get all over the bookcase, another messy option (not to mention, I’d need to run it by the management company). Wallpaper would be cool but expensive. There’s already a ton of artwork in that room.

IMG_1501_edit_?So that leaves… what? I want to go with something gold to match my awesome dining room pendant light (I forget to show you that Before and After?! My bad, I’ll take a pic this weekend), and I’m totally digging the gray/gold trend right now, so here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

starburstmirrorStarburst mirror. It’s iconic. It’d add a little touch of Hollywood Regency to the mid-century furnishings (though apparently the starburst mirror has been around since the 17th century? Who knew.) They come in all sizes and prices, and there’s even some DIY templates out there that I could try to tackle. It’s always good to have a mirror by the door, too, for last-minute primping.

wallurchins2Wall sea urchins. While it’s kind of in the same “family” as the starburst mirror (though less utilitarian), I love the idea of putting something 3-D in that space, and it’s always fun to throw in nautical elements without it being actual sailboats. (This is Chicago, not Nantucket. I take “nautical” where I can get it). They look amazing grouped (see Elle Decor’s 2012 Modern Life Concept House).

fauxtaxidermyFaux taxidermy. An ode to my upbringing? OK, I’ve never actually shot a gun in my life, but I did grow up in a wooded area with tons of deer (though I kind of like the elephant ones, too—an ode to my trip to Malaysia?). I like the lodge chic vibe to it, and again, it plays into my 3-D yearning. Faux taxidermy is hot now, but is it on it’s way out?

heyyallposterWelcome sign. This is going to be the first thing people see when they walk in the front door, so why not use the space in a Welcome-to-my-humble-abode sense? I’m drawn more to the gold foil typography than the Southern saying in this one (though I do say “y’all” a lot these days, more so in writing than in person). But then again, it’s just another framed piece hanging on the wall in a room with a ton of art already. Overkill?

DIYwallartDIY wall art. This is so hipster, but I kind of like it. Granted, it doesn’t really fit my “no art” rule, but is it better if it’s not framed like everything? And if it costs me about $5 to make?! That’d be a real score. I’d have to switch out the pink, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Or the accent color could change for the seasons! Cheesy? Maybe.

Now’s your time to chime in! Any of these strike your fancy?

(Images: Lonny, Number Four Eleven, White Faux Taxidermy, Etsy, Apartment Therapy)

I Want That Wednesday

I party like a boss.

OK, that is not true at all. You’ll never find me dancing at Studio Paris or ordering bottle service at… ha, I don’t even know what the popular bars are for bottle service.

But about two years ago I made the decision that (almost) every time I go to Binny’s, I try a different make of whiskey. I haven’t found many I don’t like. (Love me some Whistle Pig!) And now that I’m a somewhat real adult, it’s mostly consumed at home during the week after a hard day’s work. While Don Draper seems perfectly happy with pouring his poison straight from the bottle, I think I’d prefer a decanter:

aef332770bb9a8c82d78f0aabc881e75Now, there’s debate whether a decanter is actually good for whiskey or if it should stay in the bottle, but I’m not keeping it around for months and months here. Plus, it seems a perfect way to incorporate nautical into the apartment without getting over-the-top beachy chic!