On My Mind: September Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.45.49 PMYes, I know it’s already October… But I missed out on September’s On My Mind, so I’m cheating a bit.

1. You guys, HGTV has come to Netflix. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited this makes a non-cable subscriber like me. I’m literally watching Love It or List It right. now. YES. (Just a quick rant: I hope deals like this, Netflix original series and the like will come to mark the beginning of the end of the cable provider monopoly. Down with the man! I frankly refuse to pay $75/month for a crappy package that really only includes two or three channels that I actually watch.)

2. Is it acceptable to wear white after Labor Day now? I’ve noticing a lot of girls still rocking their white jeans. And I know there’s all this talk of “winter whites.” (I don’t really see the difference, but that’s me.) How do we feel about breaking the rules?

3. Speaking of, right after Labor Day my family started asking for my Christmas list… It’s four months away! But I’m not complaining because I come from a family of pretty fantastic gift givers. I asked for the new Adore Home book, a North Face backpack and Maddie the Coonhound prints. Have you started thinking Christmas? What’s on your list?

4. But before we jump to winter, can we just talk about how awesome fall is? Crisp air and changing leaves, flannel and riding boots. I LOVE it. We took a little road trip to Coloma, Mich., last weekend to go apple picking (the pic above) and even stopped in at a distillery on the way back. Now all I can think about is making Apple Cider Bourbon Punch. Yum, yum!


Design Inspiration: Arai Bathroom

When we were up in Michigan last weekend, we rented a house on VRBO, the “Up North Retreat” they called it. According to the listing, it was designed by Glenn Arai, who is apparently a well-known (at least locally) modernist architect from Northern Michigan. (Check out this other place he designed on Old Mission Peninsula – it’s really beautiful!)

It was definitely a welcome departure from the kitschy nautical and North Woods themed rentals, but my favorite part… the bathroom!


I LOVED the huge skylight! It’s kind of awesome to feel like you’re showering in nature—not in a naughty way, just in a refreshing way. Luckily the house is situated on a hillside with plenty of trees preventing the neighbors from having a full-body shot (or really any kind of a view).

The one thing I’d change? That carpet! Who puts carpet in a bathroom?!

You can see more pics of this rental here.


(Long) Weekend Rewind: Pure Michigan

Vacations are hard to come by when you’re training for a marathon—building in a couple hours a day for runs and watching your diet isn’t exactly fun while traveling. But you can find a sweet spot if you combine the two…

On Sunday, I did the Vineyard to Bay 25K (roughly 15.5 miles) in Traverse City, Michigan. This was the first time the race has ever been held, and there are definitely some kinks to be worked out, but I was just happy to use it as an excuse to get out of town for a few days. I’m getting tired of pounding out miles on the Lakefront Path!

We rented a house in Sutton Bay (more on that next week). It was a overcast most of the trip, so we didn’t spend much time sitting on the beach. Instead, we drove out to Sleeping Bear Dunes, shopped in Charlevoix, ate LOTS of ice cream and even kissed a moose. Don’t ask…

There’s no way this trip would’ve been possible without my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! They are pretty great travel companions. We already have another trip in the works, too—Scottsdale for Spring Training!


And So It Begins…

Today was my first official marathon training run! Granted, it was only 3 miles, but I still feel like I’ve accomplished something. In 18 short weeks—well, ok probably more like 18 grueling, intense, potentially hot weeks—I should be ready to take the starting line at the Chicago Marathon. (I’m doing Hal Hidgon’s Novice 1 training plan for anyone interested.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.27.23 PM

While I’m not exactly looking forward to those 10+ mile Saturday morning runs, I kind of like the structure of knowing what workout I’ll be doing on which days. I think pushing through all those miles is going to be just as hard (if not harder) mentally as physically. Those of you who know me know I’m not exactly a patient person…

But I’m also hoping to use the training to travel a bit—I think I’m going to sign-up for the Vineyard to Bay 25K in Traverse City, Michigan! I’m sure I’ll be sick of Chicago’s Lakefront Path come August, so it’ll be fun to run through the vineyards and sneak in a day or two of vacation time right around my birthday.

Brooks: Check. Yurburds: Check. Foam roller: Check. Protein powder: Check.

Let’s do this thing.

Weekend Rewind: Traverse City

Ok, I’m the worst blogger ever. I’d promise to be better, but with the way work is going these days – not to mention my packed social agenda, of course – I can’t say that I’m going to be able to keep up with daily entries. But we’ll see how it goes…

SO, a lot has happened since my last entry, but I’ll just start with this past weekend. I went with my kickball friends up to Traverse City, Mich., for Liz’s 30th birthday. We rented this great house on Silver Lake and got a limo to take us around to the wineries on Saturday. I’d never been to a winery! Can’t say I’m a big fan of reds, but luckily Michigan is known for it’s whites. I ended up not buying any bottles of wine but rather hard cider. Very excited! Plus, I think we hit Michigan at it’s peak for fall foliage – the drive was just beautiful.

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