Fashion-A-Day Challenge: The Recap

Well, the Fashion-A-Day Challenge is over, but I hope to keep the habits I’ve developed over the last month and pay closer attention to my style selections (at least during the work week). It’s not really as hard as I thought it’d be (because I’m so incredibly good-looking… just keeding), and I got a lot of good feedback, which always helps.

So what’d I learn over the past month? Here’s a top 5:

1. I buy a hell of a lot of things at Macy’s—and there’s nothing wrong with that (though it’s still no Marshall Field, RIP). I think I like the idea of going to one place and getting everything I need as opposed to store hopping. I don’t have the time/energy for that anymore. When you recognize a place you buy from often, it’s usually worth it to sign up for their card (assuming you’re a responsible credit card user). Done.

2. I have some good pieces in my closet. Sure, there’s a few things I need to buy (straight leg jeans, casual jacket, tote, etc.), but I didn’t even wear probably half the items I own during the challenge month. It just goes to show I don’t really need a lot of those things.

3. It’s time to purge! It’s already begun actually. I took some clothing and shoes into Buffalo Exchange (a Plato’s Closet kind of place), and I got almost $60! Not bad, right? Whatever they didn’t want to buy, I donated right away (so as not to pick through it and keep anything). But that was about halfway through the month, and now I feel like I could do another comb through and really keep what I know is quality/I’ll actually wear.

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I want that Wednesdays

Happy Holidays, trusty readers! Tomorrow is Dec. 1, and I don’t have any Christmas decorations… I looked around a bit over the weekend, but I can’t believe how much trees and all the accessories are. Not really in my budget if I want to buy gifts too. But not to worry, I have a plan. I’ll reveal it tomorrow…

In the meantime, what I’d like to have (someday) is a breathtaking tree. A grand house to put it in wouldn’t be too bad either. But I’ll settle for looking at the beautiful tree in Macy’s/Marshall Field for now: