Mariano’s Fresh Market

Have I ever talked about my love/hate relationship with grocery stores on here? I can’t remember. Well anyway, listen to me rant once more if you would. For the most part, I really dislike grocery stores in the city. They’re always crowded, there’s never enough cashiers, it always takes me two trips up and down the store to find everything I need, the size is overwhelming… is that enough reasons? So to show my disgust, I generally just don’t buy grocery. I’m showing them! Right…?

Of course the answer is no. I end up eating frozen pizza and Wheat Thins and whatever else I can round up just so I don’t have to visit a Jewel or Dominick’s any more than I need to. Sure, Whole Foods is ok but way too expensive, and I don’t mind Trader Joe’s except they get crowded, too, and the cashiers are way to chatty.

But, low and behold, a new grocery story recently opened in my ‘hood – Mariano’s! Apparently it’s a chain, but I’d never heard of it before. Not sure if it’s just because it’s new, but I seem to be in like with it – and that’s saying a lot coming from me. They have free samples everywhere, the produce actually looks fresh and the prices aren’t bad for the city. They have four different brands of baguette – in one store! Heavenly. They even have a gelato stand. Check it out:

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