I Want That Wednesday

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.48.07 AMGuys, I’ve found my dream home. Well, in a not-completely-out-of-touch-with-reality kind of way (obviously the dream dream home would have a darkroom and pool and all that ridiculousness). Chicago magazine put it this way: If you’re a fan of mid-century modern homes and looking for a project—but not too much of a project—then this 55-year-old Olympia Fields three-bedroom may be calling your name.”

46c612275328022c723c41c36506bc75That’s me! OK, so I might not be ready to pack it up and move to the ‘burbs any time soon, but this place is amazing. Take a closer look:

It’s only $240,000! Ha, I say only like I have that amount of money, but it’s amazing what you pay in the city versus anywhere else. This is a 3 bed/2 bath on almost an acre of land. I’ve been casually looking online at condos in my neighborhood, and you’d be lucky to get a 2 bed/1 bath for that, let alone one built by a notable architect. (Jack Swing was head of the University of Illinois architecture program in the late 60’s.)

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.48.27 AMAnyway, you can read more about it and what renovations have already been made in the Chicago magazine article. I’ll be here… drooling over the pictures…

(Images: Baird & Warner)