Fashion-A-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day3The Outfit
Textured top: Loft
Gray sweater: Loft
Gray slacks: Ann Taylor Outlet
Black flats: Tory Burch, Nordstrom

Favorite Part
My J.Crew pearls. A gift from my Clare Bear!

Gah! I had no idea this shirt was so unflattering. Those layers do nothing for my shape. The pants are ridiculously comfortable, though that’s not a tenant of the challenge of course!


I want that Wednesday: Red wellies

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like we’ve had an unusual amount of rainy days this year – especially this summer – here in Chicago. The forecast calls for more rain tonight and tomorrow, so it got me thinking that I should really invest in some rain boots.

I should use the word “invest” lightly because Hunter boots are all the rage right now, but I think it’s kind of silly to spend $125 on shoes to wear in puddles. Am I wrong? (Though I have to admit that if they could double as winter boots with those fleece welly socks, maybe it’d be worth it. Maybe.)

Now, tell me, does anyone else have a problem with the top of rubber boots really irritating your legs? Maybe I just have sensitive skin or something, but the top of the rubber always scratches up my calves, so I guess I’d have to get the aforementioned welly socks. But what if it’s raining in the summer? I don’t want sweaty feet!

Also, again maybe my legs are just fat or something, but do rain boots get suctioned to your foot and it’s really hard to get them off? Urg, who would have thought buying simple rubber boots would prove to be so challenging!

Well, I don’t know that I’ve solved the scratchy rubber part (though I haven’t tried them on, so maybe!), but I think I could avoid the suction problem with these lovely Weatherby rain boots from J. Crew. HELLO, BACK ZIPPER!

I want that Wednesdays

“I want that Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (real estate, decor, food, etc.) I like. Egotistical, right? I’m hoping in time it’ll help me define my personal tastes. Let me know if you love it/hate it/can’t get enough of it.

It’s really truly fall now, isn’t it? I feel like summer just kind of passed me by this year (I’ll blame that on a mix of rain, work and laziness), but I think I’m ok with it. I’m ready to embrace fall. And what better way to do that than with a new pair of boots?

Now since I’ve joined the working world I’ve pretty much eliminated brown from my wardrobe, but the great thing about the caramel/camel color (as opposed to a chocolate) is that I can still wear it with black! That color combo is actually quite in style this season, and it goes nice with my current crush on gold. But finding the perfect pair has proved to be QUITE CHALLENGING.

I swear everyone and their cross-dressing brother has these, so definitely a no…

These are in the lead right now. They’re a little plain, but I kind of like the fact that there’s no hardware to have to match with…

These are the in-my-dreams pair. They’re so beautiful, but also $500…