Weekend Rewind: Besser/Reynolds Wedding!

IMG_1691The wedding of the year finally arrived! OK, so it wasn’t the wedding of the year in the Kimye sense (Indianapolis is almost just like Capri), but more so in that anticipation has been building for this weekend all year. A night to party with some of my favorite people? It’s was bound to be good—and it didn’t disappoint. IMG_1705I am so sore! I’ve never danced that much at a wedding (and I even managed to keep my heels on most of the night, I’ve very proud). I don’t think anybody danced more than the groom though, which is hilarious because he’s not typically a clubber (Did the beard give it away?). Peter was among the first people I met my freshman year at Indiana, one of my boys. The next day his parents said they’d never seen anyone enjoy their own wedding as much as Pete did. It’s something to aspire to. IMG_4345And we love Sarah, too! The two actually met in middle school, and Pete had a crush on her even then, but they didn’t start dating until a few years ago. She looked beautiful, and from what I hear, she was the opposite of a bridezilla (also something to aspire to). I know this picture isn’t good in technical terms, but I really liked it because it looks like a painting.

IMG_1687-2I feel so honored that I was able to celebrate with the newlyweds. I don’t often get sentimental, but this is a couple that I truly believe in. To years of happiness! (Oh, and I forgot your gift… It’s in the mail, I swear!)


I Want That Wednesday

So I know we’re only five (or six? crap, I don’t know) games into the NFL season, but who cares? Not this girl! I’m over football already. It’s time for… COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Friday night was Hoosier Hysteria, the official kickoff to the IU bball season, so that means the first games are only weeks away! Well, exhibition games anyway.

I am a little nervous. We’re not going to be nearly as good as last year, and we have to face Syracuse again, which makes for a bumpy few days/weeks/months in my household (the beau is an Orange alum). So perhaps I’ll send him this card now before things get awkward…

2079cc14513e09753e960d14169990e0Not an Indiana fan? No worries. HopSkipJumpPaper has lots of options: I love you more than New Zealand loves rugby; I love you more than naps; I love you more than Santa loves Mrs. Klaus; I love you more than Notre Dame loves football; I love you more than my smart phone; etc. etc.

(Image: Etsy)

I Want That Wednesday

Am I ever going to stop missing college? I know I’ve been out of it longer than I was in it at this point (so sad), but all this talk lately of “the kids” going back to school is making me nostalgic for fall in Bloomington. The changing leaves in Dunn Meadow, rocking my Hoosiers hoodie, tailgating at football games (I wouldn’t be caught dead in the stadium, natch). Can I go back?

Sadly, no. My bank account says so. But it might let me spend $25 on this tee from Etsy‘s I Miss My College:


I’m definitely of the belief that it takes losing something to really appreciate it, and I love IU more now than I did when I was there. Or maybe I’m just getting old and sappy. What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Or my chest rather.

Bittersweet Memories: Btown Trip

It’s hard for me to upload these pics today… IU lost to Syracuse last night in the Sweet 16. This was supposed to be our year! Even the POTUS picked IU to win it all. But it was a great season, and I’m happy I got to see my Hoosiers in person twice—once at Northwestern and again in Bloomington at the beginning of March (so I’m a little tardy uploading these, obvi). I hadn’t been back to campus in so long; it was GREAT, even just a quick visit. We hit the hot spots: Mother Bear’s, T.I.S., Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, Nick’s, the Square and, of course—and most importantly—Assembly Hall. IU beat Iowa 73-60 (a good win, but it wasn’t our strongest game).

In the back of my mind, I knew we wouldn’t bring home the championship (don’t even get me staaarted), but it’s been a great ride and I’m happy basketball has become a good excuse to get together with fellow Hoosiers here in Chicago. I feel like there’s going to be a void now… what do I watch? Baseball?! I’m so not ready for that…

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I want that Wednesday

Ah my Hoosiers. I cannot get enough of IU men’s basketball right now. Oladipo. is. a. BEAST. Last night, we beat No. 4 Michigan State to stay on top of the rankings. This could be our year! (That comes from a life-long Cubs fan, natch.)

I’d love to show off my Hoosier pride in my decor. I think it’s hard for girls (ok, women) to incorporate sports memorabilia in their homes without seeming immature or tomboy-ish. But whatever, what do I care? Besides, I think a great vintage pennant in a shadow box could be very tasteful. But now, how do I actually acquire one? I’m not really impressed by the eBay options, plus a lot of them are mini-pennants.

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[Side comment: While I’m loyal to my alma mater, I have mixed feelings about Provost Lauren Robel’s recommendation to combine the journalism, telecommunication and the communication & culture programs. I have no problem with the disciplines coming together—journalists need to be able to do it all these days—BUT it should be it’s own school, not be enveloped into the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/ZgGn51]

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