Repost: 16 Signs Your Living In An Adult Apartment

“We all have those friends. You know, the ones that seem to have it magically all together, all the time. They’re constantly dressed to the nines, with nary a hair out of place, and never have to scamper to catch a train. Nowhere is a person’s togetherness more evident than the second you set foot in his or her apartment. Upon entering, the sheer beauty of the place takes your breath away. There are no clothes strewn across the floor. There is actually a hook to hang your jacket. The focal point of the room isn’t a tie-dye, Grateful Dead poster. When you see this heavenly space, you just know: You’ve entered an adult’s apartment.”

couch-not-futon-photographed-by-dominique-ferroI like to think I’m that friend that Refinery 29 is describing, but the truth is I put way more effort into my apartment than I do my wardrobe! And while I agree with their criteria, there’s a few I still can’t claim. My favs:

2. You actually have a fruit bowl. But if your fruit is merely decorative, and not edible, your apartment might be too adult. [Guilty. I totally have fake lemons from Target…]

9. Your windows are covered properly — and not by a tie-dye tapestry. [This one I’m still working on… curtains are a questionable investment when you’re renting!]

11. You can get off on both sides of the bed. [Hallelujah! This is literally one of my favorite things about my bedroom, even though I only get off on one side anyway.]

13. Your booze is stored properly in a bar area or rack. Subsequently, you don’t store your empties on top of the fridge or cabinets. [You know I can’t get enough of my mid-century bar!]

15. Laundry baskets aren’t made out of nylon sacks, and are used for dirty clothes, not random storage. [Busted… I really need to mark this one off The Home Improvement List—and fast.]

Do you live in an adult apartment? Read about all 16 signs here.

(Image: Refinery 29, photographed by Dominique Fierro)

I want that Wednesday

One of the things on The Home Improvement List that I have yet to address (and it’s even one of the easiest) is designating an area for laundry. Well, I guess the area is already designated—a spot in my closet—but I just haven’t bought a hamper or some kind of laundry-holder. Sure, I could just go with your ordinary plastic laundry basket, but I don’t do laundry all that often so I’m sure the thing would be overflowing with clothes and towels and what not. So I was thinking something more like this…


This is not a walk-in closet I’m talking about here, so it’d be great having a laundry bin on wheels. Plus, I definitely know that I want something with shape, so I can just throw the clothes in there (I’m way to lazy to open up a bag that’s on the floor… sad, I know). Plus, then I could use those sturdy handles to carry it (sans frame) down to the washers and dryers in the basement—or if I’m lucky, to my parents house where I can do laundry for free. I may have to do all of my laundry at their house if I splurge on this $100 dirty clothes holder! (For the record, the basic plastic one is less than $10… Damn you, Crate & Barrel.)

(Image: Crate & Barrel)

2013: The Home Improvement List

Ok, so now that I have all this new-found enthusiasm, where do I start? Well, herein comes the part that I’m actually really good at: to-do lists. My problem comes with the executing of those actions… But I’m getting ahead of myself. I shall create the list and go from there.

Now I have a few different lists pertaining to different parts of my life (“professional advancement” is a whole notebook in its own… ), but today I’ll share with you the Home Improvement List:


  • Find and buy a new console for the TV. (I’ve owned this off-white IKEA locker since I was in high school. I actually don’t mind it, and it works in the space, but I broke the key off on the one doors so it’s a real pain to open it. I’m hoping to find a piece that complements the bar, even though that’s in a different room.)
  • Set up an entryway vignette. (When you open up the door to my apartment, all you see is this little bookshelf that’s cluttered with magazines and sketchbooks and god knows what else. It’s sad. I would love to have something with a little pizzazz. First impressions are everything, right? Wherever I can gain some storage is a plus!)
  • Paint something with chalkboard paint. (This could be anything: an entire wall, a serving platter, a cheesecloth, whatever.)

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