IKEA 2015 Catalog Review

I know I’m a little late to the game here, but IKEA’s new catalog is out and… I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed. I haven’t bought much from the Swedish furniture giant since my college days, but their catalogs have always provided great inspiration for DIY projects and decor improvements.

It’s pretty sad that my favorite picture in a furniture catalog is this one:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.00.01 PM

Though how could you not like that kid? Also, why don’t they make these hooded bath towels for adults? STANKA baby towel with hood, $8

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.00.57 PM

There were actually a couple things from the kids section that caught my eye. This two-shelf table in the foreground is a changing table. Spray paint that baby and add some contact or wrapping paper, and it can be a personalized, well, pretty much anything—bar “cart”, kitchen island, craft station, garden table, etc. I’m not sure exactly what purpose it’s serving here… SNIGLAR changing table, $30


And it’s definitely the little girl in me that would love to have a fushia sofa someday! FRIHETEN corner sofa, $699


But in adult world, this room is more me. Gray, polka dots and a pop of color. My favorite space in the catalog. REIDAR chair, $50; STENKLOVER duvet cover and pillowcases, $30; and more

How did you feel about the new catalog? What’s on your wishlist?

(Images: IKEA)


I Want That Wednesday: Drop Earrings

I’ve been on the hunt this week for jewelry to match the dress I settled on for the wedding this weekend. I’m finding a ton of cute things… things that don’t match the dress, of course. Like these earrings, for instance:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.43.47 PMI just think they’re unique. Elegant, but a little edgy. Gold and gray, which I used to hate but now I love (see: my entryway). Best of all? They’re only $14!

Phoenix Jeweled Drop Earrings, $14, Francesca’s

(Image: Francesca’s)

Disclaimer: “I Want That Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (decor, fashion, food, etc.) I like. The products featured are never sponsored; they’re simply items I’ve come across that I’m crushing on and that I thought you might enjoy as well. Let me know if you love it/ hate it/ can’t get enough of it.

I Want That Wednesday

It’s recently come to my attention that I have no fall/winter clothes. OK, I have some things, but hardly anything I actually like and way less options than my summertime wardrobe. Why? I don’t feel inspired by cold-weather clothing. A sweater is a sweater. You eliminate the dress/skirts/shorts option (at least in Chicago anyway). It’s boots or boots for 4-6 months.

Sure, I’m generalizing, but this is, well, generally how I feel. And so what have I concluded? Wintertime is about the accessories. As long as you have the basics (cardigans, boots, leggings, etc.), standout jewelry is where you should invest!

Enter Ke Aloha Jewelry (from Hawaii where they don’t have bundle up, ever). I stumbled across them via Pinterest, and I’ve been drooling over their stunning earrings (and lots of other pieces!) since:

il_570xN.485802449_2y01I really have a thing for gray (grey? whatever) jewelry lately, and I think it’s the perfect color to accessorize my (lack of) fall wardrobe! There seems to be a trip to the outlet mall in my future to stock up on those so-called basics…

(Image: Etsy)