A Last-Minute Christmas Wish List


  1. “Be Dazzling” Scented Candle, $40, Kate Spade
  2. Buzzed Cocktail Napkin, $32, August Morgan
  3. Decorative Leopard Pillow Cover 18×18 (other sizes available), $42, MakingFabulous
  4. Osito 2 Jacket, $99, North Face
  5. Gilded Portable Charger, $40, Nasty Gal
  6. Dali Llama Mug, $12, Urban Outfitters
  7. Dry Gin,  $15 (200-milliliter bottle), Koval Distillery

(Images: 1. Kate Spade, 2. August Morgan, 3. Etsy, 4. North Face, 5. NastyGal, 6. Urban Outfitters, 7. Chicago magazine)

Christmas Swag

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Mine was awesome! I really count my lucky stars that I’m closer to 30 than 20 (omgomgomgomg…), and I still get a ton of presents from my family. Here are just a few of my favorite things:

IMG_1821Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Set of Four Shot Glasses (JCPenney’s)
How adorable are these gold-rimmed, animal-decaled shot glasses? I looove the little carrier too.

IMG_1831J.A. Henckels Fine Edge Cutlery 10 Piece (Macy’s)
I needed new knives so bad, and I’m especially excited to have a bread knife so I stop crushing my poor baguettes!

IMG_1813Vintage owl book ends (Similar ones here and here)
My brother and his girlfriend picked these up for me in North Carolina—such a unique gift! They go great with my  mirror and pendant.

IMG_1827You Anchor Me decanter set (Uncommon Goods)
Do you think my family has pegged me as the drinker of the bunch? Oh well. I’ve been crushing on this decanter and matching tumblers for months! Remember them from I Want That Wednesday?IMG_1817Keds Rally Sparkle (Similar here)
I actually bought these for my grandma for Christmas. They were too small for her, but it turned out they fit me perfectly. (Not to worry, I ordered her a bigger size.) This photo does not do them justice—they’re so cute on!

What was your favorite gift? My mom starts doing her Christmas shopping earlier and earlier every year, so I could use some ideas!

I Want That Wednesday

But I probably shouldn’t.

Because I’m an adult.


I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but I cherish the fact that Christmas in the Peters family doesn’t involve kids. My brother and I are both in our 20s and childless (thank god), and our family is pretty small to begin with. The closest relative under the age of 15 is about 1,100 miles away. And that is a-OK by me. Kids are loud. And sticky. (No offense, Jake and McKenna! <3)

But then I see things like this, and I think, would I not be the coolest mom/ aunt/fairy godmother EVER if I gifted this to a little one?

jetaire-camper-play-tentOr is it reasonable for me to have this for myself? I don’t have a den… Ok, frankly I don’t have room for this anywhere, but I would absolutely hang out in it if I did. It could be my drinking quarters. Look, this kid is already getting started:

jetaire-camper-play-tent-1It’d be perfect for my friend Rebecca’s plan for a camp-in (as opposed to a camp-out). Thank you, Land of Nod, winter was a little bit longer before this. Well, except for those crazies that actually go camping in the snow… I’ll be sticking to my faux campfire, fools!

I Want That Wednesday

With the first snow fall of year now under our belts, winter has, in fact, arrived here in Chicago. I shouldn’t complain because fall really did last longer than normal, but now those beautiful leaves are scattered along the ground, the trees are barren and every day seems a bit grayer than the one before. Let the hibernation begin!

But while I break out the heating blanket and debate whether to insulate the windows, it sure would be nice to still enjoy a bit of mother nature away from that damn Chicago wind. Enter: fresh flowers.

Bloom2Bloom_fireworksFlowers are something that I would LOVE to have on hand year-round, but it’s just one of those extras that not in the budget right now. If you look through any shelter magazine, almost all of the featured homes have a vase of flowers in at least one shot. Plus, there’s supposedly health benefits to having fresh flowers around. Flower power, indeed!

bloom2bloom_interiorSure, I could go buy flowers at my grocery or a flower shop—I do like to “shop small” when I can—but since we’re entering the holiday season, it’s always nice to give a little something back, too. I’m loving the seasonal flowers from Bloom 2 Bloom. With every bouquet you buy, another one is donated to a community organization, like a hospital, shelter or nursing home. So you’re making someone else feel special, too! It’s definitely something to consider if you’re gifting flowers, a better alternative to the big, box, 1-800-FLOWERS kind of places.

bloom2bloom_redhotAlso, all the flowers are grown right here in the U.S. of A. Each boutique is priced between $40 and $50, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.

OK, so who needs my address? : )

Shop Stop: Twosided & Foursided

I miss living on the same block as Foursided. I like their window displays better than Macy’s at Christmas time. And they actually translate into good gift ideas!

Sorry, don’t want to get into a Christmas in July tangent. Anywho, Twosided and Foursided are go-to spots for all occasion (or no occasion) cards, gifts for that person who has everything, custom framing, funky household items and tons of inspiration. I come here just to soak it all in, though more often than not it’s at the Clark & Wellington location now since its (kinda) on my way home from work. It’s called Twosided, while the other two locations (Andersonville and Broadway & Wellington) are Foursided (because they do the framing).

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