All I Want For Christmas…

I picked a TERRIBLE day to get my watch battery replaced at Macy’s. Not sure what I was thinking wandering in there just days before Christmas—it was bursting at the seams, of course. I’m obviously not the only who procrastinated this year. If you haven’t crossed off everyone on your list—and, in fact, are still looking for ideas—let me lend you a few from my wishlist… xmaslist

  1. I cut an apple last night, and it tasted like onion… Varies,
  2. Because Pandora doesn’t play baseball games. $249,
  3. New Year’s Resolution? Start journaling again. $16 each,
  4. A local joint with 11 different kinds of olive oil. Varies,
  5. A pretty tote on its own, but the monogramming is really the cherry on top. $199,

I want that Wednesdays … on Thursday

Forgive me for the belated “I want that Wednesdays” post. Yesterday was my birthday, and I was too busy celebrating/mourning my 25th. I’m entitled to a quarter-life crisis now, right?

Well anywho, this week’s modified “I want that Thursday” is, well frankly, just a good idea – not just a built-in cutting board, but one that is directly over your trash can. Ingenious! I imagine it’d be especially effective if you were a composter and the roots or skins or whatever it is your cutting off could go directly into that bin.

I know I can’t install something like this in my rental (especially not with my “vintage” kitchen cabinets… and that’s putting it nicely), but perhaps in my own  place someday. A girl can dream. When I see things like this I think, WHY COULDN’T I COME UP WITH STUFF LIKE THIS?