A Weeklong Rewind

Last week got away from me. Every week I think, “OK, this week will be a nice, relaxed, obligation-free week…” but instead it blows up with events, drinks, long runs… and, in this case, hot dogs. So. Many. Hot Dogs.


But it had to be done. Hot Doug’s, a Chicago institution, is closing in less than two weeks, so we were left with no choice but to go wait in the ridiculously long line and eat a ridiculous amount of encased meats. For the record, we arrived at 8:30 am, were third in line, and got our food about 10:45. It was definitely the breakfast of champions. Also for the record: These were all mine.

Just keeding. I ordered two: a classic Chicago-style dog and a ham sausage with spicy pineapple salsa. Both were fantastic.

And what goes better with hot dogs than baseball? This was my first trip to Wrigley Field all season! I guess the summer also got away from me. I really need to re-up my love for the Cubbies. I’ll be a better fan next season, promise. Well maybe, ha.


I rounded out the week with drinks with a college roommate, another successful alumni association event…


And—this is a big AND—a 20-mile run! That’s the most I’ve ever run at once in my entire life. It’s the longest run I’ll do before the marathon, but it actually went really well! I think I’m officially ready.

Now let the tapering begin! Thank goodness.


Weekend Rewind: Land of Beer and Sausage


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I don’t think we could have asked for better weather. I took Friday off, and me and the boy took a little road trip (OK, I’m not sure an hour and a half drive constitutes a road trip, but whatever…) up to Milwaukee. Here’s the highlights:

IMG_1564It ain’t a road trip without snacks…

Our first stop was Lakefront Brewery, which I’d highly recommend. You get four beers, a brewery tour, a pint glass and a coupon for a free beer at a local establishment—all for $7! Our tour guide was great, and we had fun trying the different beer styles. That says a lot since I’m not big on beer.

Then we walked down Brady Street and grabbed a pie at Zaffiro’s. The hostess was a middle-aged Italian women, the tables were covered with red and white checkered table cloths, and the pizza was super thin—so super charming (just a little too saucy). The place not to miss in that area is Wolski’s, an old school neighborhood bar with a patio. I’d be a regular if I lived up there!

The Cubs were playing the Brewers, but that was really just the excuse we used to get up to Milwaukee and explore. We concealed our fandome (Well, I did—the boy is a Yankees fan…) and rode one of the free bar shuttles from downtown to Miller Park. The Cubs were sucking so bad that we ended up leaving the game early. Typical.

The next morning we grabbed brunch at Zak’s Cafe in Old Third Ward. Sweet potato hash = delish. (I want to try to make it at home, so stay tuned!)

And finally we went on a crazy long walk and ended the trip with custard, naturally!

Weekend Rewind: Goodbyes (Well, Sorta)

I have a really good reason for the hiatus this time, I swear: I got a new job! This is my last week at the old place, and I start as a web editor at a university next Monday. I’m pretty pumped. I think it’ll be a really good work/life balance where I’ll have more time to freelance and blog… and fund more DIY projects! Oh, and go back to school! #winwinwinwin

It is kind of bittersweet, however, because I’ve wanted to work for a magazine since I was 16 years old, and I really like my coworkers, especially these two.

photoWe went to a Cubs game this weekend to celebrate the new job and have one last Old Style (or five). Goodbye to another terrible season, goodbye to my current job—hopefully both me and the Cubs are on the up and up!

Weekend Rewind: The Boys are Back in Town

Bones (aka James) flew into town from DC this past weekend and Pete came up from Indy, so we had ourselves a little Collins reunion. It’s crazy to think I met those guys almost eight years ago. We didn’t seem to miss a beat though! We ate way too many encased meats at Hot Doug’s (my first experience, definitely worth the wait), drank Old Style at Wrigley Field (and didn’t see a single inning of baseball thanks to a three-hour rain delay), got silly at Carol’s Pub, visited Navy Pier, hung out on a rooftop deck and even listened to a traditional German two-man band.

Not bad for three days, right? I’m frightfully low on sleep and high on calories right now…

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Back at it

Sorry I went M.I.A. last week – I was a bit distraught after losing that amazing apartment, so I spent the last week pouting and drinking. Healthy, right? Well, the drinking didn’t have so much to do with my lack-of-apartment as much as the Crosstown Classic! (My problems can’t be as bad as the Cubbies, right? Right.)

Anywho, some good news to come out as of late is that I can stay in my current place until Aug. 1. Granted, I’d like to get out asap, but if push comes to shove and all the July 1 apartments are crap, I can take my chances and hope for something better Aug. 1. Speaking of pushing, turns out my landlady is preggers! No wonder she’s been so crabby. My worst nightmare could very well come true should she go into labor, and I’m the only one home… MUST. GET. OUT.