I Want That Wednesday

But I probably shouldn’t.

Because I’m an adult.


I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but I cherish the fact that Christmas in the Peters family doesn’t involve kids. My brother and I are both in our 20s and childless (thank god), and our family is pretty small to begin with. The closest relative under the age of 15 is about 1,100 miles away. And that is a-OK by me. Kids are loud. And sticky. (No offense, Jake and McKenna! <3)

But then I see things like this, and I think, would I not be the coolest mom/ aunt/fairy godmother EVER if I gifted this to a little one?

jetaire-camper-play-tentOr is it reasonable for me to have this for myself? I don’t have a den… Ok, frankly I don’t have room for this anywhere, but I would absolutely hang out in it if I did. It could be my drinking quarters. Look, this kid is already getting started:

jetaire-camper-play-tent-1It’d be perfect for my friend Rebecca’s plan for a camp-in (as opposed to a camp-out). Thank you, Land of Nod, winter was a little bit longer before this. Well, except for those crazies that actually go camping in the snow… I’ll be sticking to my faux campfire, fools!

I want that Wednesdays

If you know one thing about me, it could certainly be the fact that I love brunch. And so it’s pretty great that I live in Chicago because Chicagoans also seem to have an appreciation for a good breakfast/lunch combo. When Chicago magazine came out with the Best Breakfasts issue, I was 1. disappointed that they didn’t ask me to help out with this issue, 2. glad to see M. Henry (featured on Foodie Fridays) made the list, and 3. drooling over this:

It’s maple-sautéed bananas with yogurt and cinnamon from Dodo. Stupid name for a restaurant in my opinion, but I definitely want to eat that. And according to the menu, it’s only $2.50! AH-MAZING.

Here’s Chicago mag’s write up on Dodo:

Usually the problem with taking kids to breakfast is not their behavior, for once—it’s the line. Dodo, a cheerily grungy spot in the meatpacking district, never seems to have one, and its playful menu shifts from ambitious stuff like Japanese pancakes and hash with andouille sausage to a triple stack of pancakes with melty chocolate chips. 954 W. Fulton Market; 312-226-5300

I don’t appreciate them encouraging people to take their children to brunch, but if these bananas are as heavenly as they appears to be, I guess I can put up with some rug rats for an hour or so.