Before and after: Rusty bench

It was over six months ago that I discussed plans for the little bench I stole from under the stairs at my old apartment. Remember?

Well, I’ve been meaning to update y’all on the progress of this little project for some time now, but I was bummed because the in-progress pictures were stolen along with my laptop. Wah wah.

But I did end up creating a cushion for it! And by I, I really mean basically my entire family. We tackled the project over Thanksgiving, and it turned out pretty well. Full disclosure though: It’s probably not worth it. It was very time consuming. And expensive. Foam does not come cheap, and I had to buy things that DIY veterans probably already own (upholstery needles, for example). But I am particularly proud of the fabric-covered buttons and the fact that we actually tufted it. Those people that try to DIY big, fancy headboards: insane.

I thought I’d use this bench to sit on to take off my boots this winter, but the few times I’ve had to do that, I realize my entryway is just too small. Hopefully at the next apartment I’ll have a proper foyer-type area that can house the bench and I can accessorize with the cute black and white hooks or hat boxes or something.