Foodie Friday Returns Next Week

Hey guys, my apologies for the lack of posts this week. The summer solstice is technically tomorrow, but it really felt like this week kicked summer off. And from what I can tell it’s going to be a wild one! I’m insanely busy, but I’ll get back on my game next week, promise.

Plus, it’s not all work and no play. My day is ending with an ice cream bar after all…

photoHave a great weekend!


Dining Room Revamp: Part II

Man, I did not realize how much work would/could go into this dining room! I can’t find a picture of what it looked like when I first moved in, but I’ll keep looking (my iPhoto is in serious need of organizing… and backing up!). So we’ll start here for now:

IMG_1179You probably remember this picture from Revamp Part I when I snagged my awesome teak dining table and Eames replica chairs. I still haven’t had a dinner party yet, but it’s coming. A Friendsgiving perhaps. But that’s only if I can get some more things squared away in the space first. It’s a work in progress:

IMG_1584We (well, my dad) finally got around to hanging the vintage pendant lamp. I looooove it! I bought it about two years ago now for something like $20. I’d kicked around the idea of painting it but decided just to go with the antique gold and teal colors. It definitely brings a bit of Hollywood Regency or Moroccan glam to the room. Look at the cool design it casts on the ceiling when it’s lit up:

IMG_1675The rug is where I’m really struggling. It was a hand-me-down, so free is always good and I like the way it breaks up all the wood in the space, but I don’t really have anything else salmon colored in my entire apartment. Does it matter? The pendant is glam and the rug is tribal… is that OK? I’m still struggling with how to mix and match styles. My instinct is matchy-matchy, but I’m trying to fight it.

IMG_1588Maybe a new rug is on the wish list, maybe not. I change my mind about it every other day. But while I contemplate it, my next steps are to get the new artwork (it’s just leaning against the wall on top of the bar for now) framed, rearrange the gallery wall and complete the entryway vignette. I’m hoping to have all of that done by the end of this month, but framing is darn expensive so we’ll see…

Thoughts, ideas, criticism and Pinspiration are always welcome!

Did You Know…

Crate & Barrel was started in Chicago? I had no idea! Thanks to my visit to the Chicago History Museum, here’s what I learned:

Gordon and Carole Segal opened the first Crate & Barrel store at 1510 N. Wells St., Chicago, with a mere $12,000. Their idea was simple: sell European table goods, purchased directly from small manufacturers, at a reasonable price. When they opened in 1962, the Segals had one sales associate and personally oversaw all aspects of the business from buying products to stocking shelves.

Crate & Barrel took its name from the packing crate and barrels used to display clean-lined European-style glasses and tableware. In contrast with other housewares stores, Crate & Barrel displayed its entire stock in bright architectural settings that showed the products to their best advantage, an approach that revolutionized retail display.

Crate & Barrel issued its first catalog in 1967. In addition to the company’s black-and-white boxes and bags, the catalog has served as Crate & Barrel’s chief advertising tool and as a vehicle to expose customers across the country to the company’s formula.

So there’s today’s history lesson. And here’s a few of my favorite items from their latest catalog (they’ve obviously expanded a bit from the tableware days!):

rochelle-sofaRochelle Sofa (comes in lots of great colors!), $2,499

bourne-bar-cabinetBourne Bar Cabinet, $999

aman-bed-linensAman Quilt, $159.95; Melrose Buffet Lamp, $179


Repost: 16 Signs Your Living In An Adult Apartment

“We all have those friends. You know, the ones that seem to have it magically all together, all the time. They’re constantly dressed to the nines, with nary a hair out of place, and never have to scamper to catch a train. Nowhere is a person’s togetherness more evident than the second you set foot in his or her apartment. Upon entering, the sheer beauty of the place takes your breath away. There are no clothes strewn across the floor. There is actually a hook to hang your jacket. The focal point of the room isn’t a tie-dye, Grateful Dead poster. When you see this heavenly space, you just know: You’ve entered an adult’s apartment.”

couch-not-futon-photographed-by-dominique-ferroI like to think I’m that friend that Refinery 29 is describing, but the truth is I put way more effort into my apartment than I do my wardrobe! And while I agree with their criteria, there’s a few I still can’t claim. My favs:

2. You actually have a fruit bowl. But if your fruit is merely decorative, and not edible, your apartment might be too adult. [Guilty. I totally have fake lemons from Target…]

9. Your windows are covered properly — and not by a tie-dye tapestry. [This one I’m still working on… curtains are a questionable investment when you’re renting!]

11. You can get off on both sides of the bed. [Hallelujah! This is literally one of my favorite things about my bedroom, even though I only get off on one side anyway.]

13. Your booze is stored properly in a bar area or rack. Subsequently, you don’t store your empties on top of the fridge or cabinets. [You know I can’t get enough of my mid-century bar!]

15. Laundry baskets aren’t made out of nylon sacks, and are used for dirty clothes, not random storage. [Busted… I really need to mark this one off The Home Improvement List—and fast.]

Do you live in an adult apartment? Read about all 16 signs here.

(Image: Refinery 29, photographed by Dominique Fierro)

Reveal: The Bar

The new bar looks really great in the new apartment. It wasn’t even as hard to get in as we thought it’d be. And these pictures don’t do it justice. I’m beyond pumped about it – it’s setting the tone for the whole place. My BFF says I’m living in Mad Men… Can’t think of a better compliment!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The display section is still in fluctuation – I can’t quite get the right combination yet – but I’m happy I saved the vintage party pamplets from Mimi’s house. Those are her glasses as well, and I’ve already put them into use a couple times. Now all I need is a great ice bucket and shaker, and we’re in business!

A birthday present, already?!

I know, I know – I’ve been MIA again. My boss went on vacation, and I had to make sure five magazines made it to the printer. I’ve never taken it from start to finish like that with one magazine, let alone five! It was intense to say the least. With the hours I was keeping, it felt like I was back in sports (blarg). I’m hoping things settle down this week since we only publish four of the 11+ magazines in August.

But I have big news… well, it’s big to me anyway. You know how I had a huge crush on that bar I featured in I want that Wednesdays a few months back? The $2,800 one? My parents bought me a similar one on Craigslist and fixed it up! It’s beautiful! Teak and glass and mirrors…

I seriously can’t stop thinking about it, and now I’m REALLY dying to move in (even more so than over the past two weeks when I was actually nearly dying from the heat and my shitty window unit – thank god the new place has central air!). I may have to reconfigure my whole set up – and incorporate more midcentury pieces – but I’m beyond excited about it. Can’t wait to get settled and mix up a gin and tonic!