Foodie Friday: Sauce and Bread Kitchen

I was lucky enough to tag along with a local dining editor to Sauce and Bread Kitchen tonight. The goal was to try as much as we could before we couldn’t manage one more bite… well, mission accomplished.

Super friendly staff (owned by a couple, Mr. Sauce and Mrs. Bread I believe)
Charitable mission (proceeds benefit Co-op Image)
Local products (and production facility right there)
BYOB (oh hai, Huitzi)
Turkey Sammich (on baguette)
Green salsa (I wish I’d bought some to take home)
Citrusade (served in Ball jars, natch)
Breads (what’s in a name?)

Distance (Clark and Devon)
Limited availability (oh, a.m. pastries, where are you?)
Koshary (a noodle salad, better just as a salad no noodles)
Pickle salad (that’s it?)

I don’t really like lamb. Oh, but of Bread and Sauce Kitchen overall: I’ll be back if I have time on the weekends to make the trek. We went at night, and I imagine the vibe of the place is much different late morning. Those homemade pop tarts are calling my name (rhubarb and ricotta, anyone?). Maybe the pulled pork nachos too… though the menu is always changing depending on local availability.


Foodie Friday: Charcuterie Plate

Is it sad that this is my ideal meal? Fresh baguette, cheeses, salami, avocado spread, crunchy Parisian cucumber… nom, nom, nom. I know charcuterie plates are meant to emphasize the meat (shhh, don’t tell Julio), but that’s not really my thing lately. I need to venture out a bit more in the cheese category, but I’ll get there there. I need some kind of cheese guide, which I’m sure exists. I should pick up a wine guide while I’m at it. But for now, add an Old Fashioned (I’ve gotten pretty darn good at making these, if I do say so myself) and perfecto! IMG_2997

Mariano’s Fresh Market

Have I ever talked about my love/hate relationship with grocery stores on here? I can’t remember. Well anyway, listen to me rant once more if you would. For the most part, I really dislike grocery stores in the city. They’re always crowded, there’s never enough cashiers, it always takes me two trips up and down the store to find everything I need, the size is overwhelming… is that enough reasons? So to show my disgust, I generally just don’t buy grocery. I’m showing them! Right…?

Of course the answer is no. I end up eating frozen pizza and Wheat Thins and whatever else I can round up just so I don’t have to visit a Jewel or Dominick’s any more than I need to. Sure, Whole Foods is ok but way too expensive, and I don’t mind Trader Joe’s except they get crowded, too, and the cashiers are way to chatty.

But, low and behold, a new grocery story recently opened in my ‘hood – Mariano’s! Apparently it’s a chain, but I’d never heard of it before. Not sure if it’s just because it’s new, but I seem to be in like with it – and that’s saying a lot coming from me. They have free samples everywhere, the produce actually looks fresh and the prices aren’t bad for the city. They have four different brands of baguette – in one store! Heavenly. They even have a gelato stand. Check it out:

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