A Happy Home-iversary!

Aug. 1 came and went so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to celebrate my two-year home-iversary! I resigned my lease, so I’ll be in my current apartment for at least one more year (barring any major life changes). There was a bit of a rent hike, but it’s only an additional $20 a month—not something I’m excited about, but definitely not worth the expense (and hassle!) of a move. Plus, the consensus seems to be that my place is a steal for the amount of space and the neighborhood (Chicago’s North Center). I do love it!

Let’s take a look at how far it’s come:

Living room

Dining room




It’s not perfect. It never will be. Design is a constantly evolving process—and that’s exactly what makes it fun!

Outside of a few little things here and there, I’m VERY happy with the living room and dining room. But putting everything side-by-side here makes me realize that the kitchen and bathroom are kind of a different style than the rest of the apartment… Looks like I know where my next projects will be! Stay tuned.

Hey, It’s My Home-iversary!

Can you believe it’s already August? Where has the summer gone? (And why has it only been warm enough to go to the beach TWICE?) It’s hard to believe we’ll be falling into, well, fall soon, but it’s even harder to come to terms with the fact that today is my one-year anniversary in my apartment! Yay!


Stretch canvas, $85-$105,

I wish I could do a big before/after montage, but there’s still so much work to do! I’ve resigned for another year, and I still have plenty of projects up my sleeve. Here are the top five things I’ve learned in the last year:

1. Nesting is a continuous process—or at least for someone on a budget. Like I said, I really thought by now I’d be able to show you all the pics of every room, but there’s still so much more I want to do and acquire and DIY and reorganize. My apartment does feel like home though, and I love that.

2. But that’s all part of the fun! Nesting isn’t a chore; it’s a hobby. On questionnaires, can I add Craigslist to my interests? Because I can troll like no other. Part of the process is also discovering your personal style (applicable in the fashion world, too), and I’m still working on figuring out what mine is.

3. Living with a significant other is really hard, especially in a space designed for one. If this were to become a long-term thing, I’d really push for getting a two bedroom place of our own, not “my” place or “his” place. I have a coworker who recently got married, and while her and her now hubby both own condos, they are renting them out and in turn renting a third place together. When she told me that was their plan, I thought they were crazy, but now I completely understand. A place they can make “theirs.”

4. Living with a signifcant other’s pet that doesn’t like you is even harder. You know when you’re a kid, and before you get a pet, your parents give you a talk about how much work and responsibility they are? Well, they’re right (of course). Even with a cat! Apparently you can’t board them? Urg, and they’re so moody. And they can’t fetch. And their hair is EVERYWHERE. I’ll definitely think long and hard before I get a pet of my own, cat or not.

5. Being a DIYer in the city is hard. There’s nowhere to spray paint, you risk pissing off your neighbors by hammering, my apartment isn’t big enough to store tools, etc. etc. Thankfully I can drive a little over an hour and use my dad’s garage, but usually I have to head back to the city before a project is complete. Not sure how to solve this problem except to win the lotto so I can buy a house. In Chicago. With a garage. And a project room : )

(Image: society6)