New! Nate Berkus Fabrics at Jo-Ann

So I’ve kinda sorta maybe become obsessed with finding the right throw pillows for my living room sofa… #sorrynotsorry

I have a ton of inspiration pinned to a secret board that I’ll unleash one day, but I have to say that I’m not really finding exactly what I’m looking for in stores or online—or I am, but it’s prohibitively expensive. It’s essentially two pieces of fabric, people!

So I think I may go the DIY route and make ’em myself. Or in an ideal world, I’d find a friend with a sewing machine who will make me some pillow covers in exchange for a few cocktails… Any takers?

The good news is that Nate Berkus just came out with a new line of (budget-friendly, $20-$55/yard) home decor fabrics at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I love his high-end stuff and his Target collection, so I expect more of the same at Jo-Ann.fabricsAnd I’m liking what I see so far! Especially that mint one with the flowers. Drool.

Check out the full line here.

(Images: Jo-Ann Fabrics)

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