Weekend Rewind: Feeling 28

I celebrated my birthday last weekend with some friends at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. We always plan one camping trip each summer, but this was a new venue for us because we wanted to throw tubing into the mix.

By tubing, I mean floating down the river (in this case, Sugar Creek) in a big intertube with a bunch of friends and usually beers. Unfortunately, when you float down the river absolutely everything gets wet, so I wasn’t able to bring my phone or camera. But you can get an idea of our shenanigans from the rest of the pics.


For the record: The campsite left something to be desired, but tubing was fun and the hiking was what was really impressive. I was shocked by all the cool rock formations and waterfalls. It was hard to believe we were in Indiana! But again, my camera was at the campsite, so no photos. FAIL.


But after a weekend of sleeping on the ground, drinking whiskey and dealing with the rain (yes, it rained again—second year in a row!), I’m definitely feeling all of my 28 years, if not more. I hope I’m not getting to old for this!


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