Weekend Rewind: Early Birthday Celebrations

This weekend I headed out to the country to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday and my far-less-remarkable 28th. I like to think we’re both rocking our respective ages.


It was a super tasty afternoon. My mom made four different types of kabobs and my dad grilled them up. (Charcoal is king, btw!) Prosciutto-wrapped chicken, pork/andouille sausage, scallops and Asian pork. It was ridiculous. And delicious. She also made a corn, black bean and sweet potato salad, which I’m pretty darn excited to have the leftovers of for lunch today.

It’s perfectly acceptable for a grown-ass woman to request dirt pudding instead of cake for her birthday, right? Well, that’s what I did, and I ain’t ashamed. I’d been seeing some dirt pudding recipes floating around Pinterest and started to crave it. It’s still as delicious as it was the last time I had it… which was probably about 20 years ago. #childatheart


I also made out like a bandit! My family is full of awesome gift-givers. (I hope that skill is hereditary!) I got a cute quilted jacket for fall, crisp new white sheets, an adorable new leather wallet/clutch and a UE Boom portable speaker, which I’m super excited to test out at the campsite next weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Rewind: Early Birthday Celebrations

  1. tia Cindy says:

    Wow! Looks like it was a great party, sorry I wasn’t there for it! I will request the same menu for my birthday, I think. It’s true you do have many givers in the family and I know you are just the same. Hope the speakers will work out!!

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