I Want That Wednesday: FlipBelt

It’s (almost) August! Can you believe it? The weather surely doesn’t indicate that is, but, hey, I’m not complaining. The mild temps are making marathon training (almost) bearable.

What’s (almost) not bearable? My stupid iPhone armband. Has no one figured out a better design for these things? The face gets all fogged up, the band scratches my skin if I’m not wearing sleeves, and I’ve washed it but it still has a funk.

I’d say I just have a particularly bad model, but I polled a few other friends/runners, and they dislike theirs, too. I would order a bunch of the tops from Gracie’s Gear, but every time I go to the website there’s only a pre-ordering option. I need a solution now, people!

So I’m thinking about trying a FlipBelt:


I’d want the hot pink one, of course. Though the conservative in me would probably go with plain black.



I’d worry about it bouncing around during a run, but the reviews seem to indicate that it stays snug. I’ve been limiting myself to buying only running tights that have a little pocket for my keys, gels, ID, etc., but it’d be awesome to be able to select from all styles. And, of course, the big plus would be no more arm irritation!

Fellow runners, what do you think? A perfect solution or just additional bulk?

(Images: FlipBelt)

4 thoughts on “I Want That Wednesday: FlipBelt

  1. Shelby says:

    did you try one yet? My friend let me borrow hers and it seemed so promising, and a mile in it was up bouncing around over my hips. womp womp!

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