Weekend Rewind: #JorBex Wedding


This weekend was Jordan and Bex’s wedding! Full disclosure: Jordan and I used to date in college. So the wedding was actually SUPER fun for me because I got to see a bunch of friends from his hometown and from college that I don’t normally have an excuse to hang out with. I miss them! Lots of good people in attendance.

DSC01109The venue was this awesome vintage and antiques store, which just happens to be precisely three blocks from my apartment (though like a dummy I got roped into going to the after-party downtown, drinks I did NOT need…).


Unfortunately, it poured right after the ceremony so we didn’t get to utilize the outdoor lounge area much, but all in all, it was a great set up and a nice size wedding (probably 75-100 people I’d guess). The was a bit of a vintage travel theme, though I didn’t do a very good job at capturing that.


There are some pretty, um, interesting videos of the dance floor that, frankly, should probably never see the light of day. Hey, when the whiskey flows…

The recovery continues!


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