I Want That Wednesday: Betsey Johnson Maxi Dress

I’m going to a wedding next weekend, and I am striking out BIG TIME on finding a dress to wear. I will not resort to that lace dress that I swear every single girl owns! You know what I’m talking about

Anyway, I’ve mentioned my love for Macy’s State Street before, and she rarely lets me down, but we’re getting down to the wire now. I’ve taken three different trips there just to hunt for a dress, and I’ve come up empty-handed each time. I ordered a few dresses online too; none of them worked. I even looked at the Rent the Runway options, but I didn’t see any I liked there either.

There is one


It doesn’t wow me in these promotional pictures, but the bodice part fits me like couture. It makes my waist look so tiny! What’s better than that? Well, I do love that it’s flowy and hides my hips. And navy. I’m picturing a pair of Michael Kors wedges that I’ve seen around going perfectly with it (you know, in the world without budgets).

BUT… and this is a big but, is it appropriate to wear long dresses to weddings? Or does that fall into the your-competing-with-the-bride category, like when somebody wears white? I don’t know the rules, and I certainly don’t want to compete with the bride. (Oh, surprise! My ex is the groom… It’s fine.)

I guess this dress is probably a little too casual anyway (though it is gossamer, not like a typical spandex/cotton maxi dress). So, I think I’ll resign to wearing a dress I already own and blowing the budget on a mani/pedi and new makeup. Or maybe a blowout!

(Images: Nordstrom)


4 thoughts on “I Want That Wednesday: Betsey Johnson Maxi Dress

  1. I’m getting married early 15 and I don’t think it competes with bride. Although I’m wearing either black or white. Unsure right now, but keep that in mind.

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