Weekend Rewind: Garden Party

Guys, I really let you down. I don’t have a single good picture of my garden party setup! I’m so disappointed, too, because the courtyard looked amazing (the sweeping alone took over an hour and gave me a huge blister!), and I’d made a bunch of fun snacks and drinks.


I’ll give you one hint why I didn’t get any pics…


Yup, right about the time everyone had gotten a drink and we were thinking about firing up the grill, it poured. POURED. We all went running into my apartment, everyone grabbing hot dog buns and chips and dip and whatever else was close by. Luckily, the storm cleared off, and we were able to move the party back outside after about 45 minutes. But by that time, the presentation was ruined. Womp womp.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to have another party to make up for it! ; )



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