Before and After: Interior Accent Door

Before I painted the living room and dining room a few weeks ago, everything in my apartment was this gross chalky white. Not like a crisp, Scandinavian starkness. The kind of white that, say, you touch with a dirty finger, and when you go to wipe it off, it just disintegrates into a little pile of dust on the floor…

Like I said, gross white.

Not only did they use this cheapo crap on the walls, they also covered all of the interiors doors with it to. Why not just leave the wood stain? Or at least something other than white. I mean, look how great these accent doors look:

So that got me thinking… I did have some leftover paint from the living room…

Ta-da! Say hello to my new navy door! Now I’m probably going to regret this decision when I have to paint it back white before I move out (all those little nooks and crannies did take awhile), but I love the way the brass padlock looks. Now if only the door handle matched… oh, rentals. I guess you can only do so much!

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