Weekend Rewind: 10 Years Later

I’m still kind of in disbelief, but it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school. 10! Honestly, it does feel like a long time ago that I was roaming the halls of good ‘ol CCHS, but to put a number on it sure makes me feel old. And so does seeing a bunch of my classmates with kids—plural! Oy vey!


Our reunion was this past weekend, and I actually hosted it. I thought people were joking that the class president has to plan the reunions, but apparently not. I have to admit: I phoned this one in. I mean, I did some stuff, like booked a venue and posted a throwback picture every week to keep people engaged with the Facebook invite. But decorations-wise, I definitely could have done better.

The truth is I didn’t want to spend money on people I probably won’t see again for another 10 years. Is that terrible? Everyone paid for their own individual drinks and food, and so it would have been all on me to fund any extras. But I’m also hosting a party this upcoming weekend at my apartment, and frankly, I’d rather put the money toward a party with my actual friends. Sorry classmates, I’ll make a better effort in 2024!

Did you go to your high school reunion? Was it something special? I kind of feel like Facebook has ruined the surprises of reunions, no?


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