Shop Stop: Jayson Home

IMG_1371 copy

I swear I’ve covered Jayson Home on Urban Nesting before, but a quick search of the archives doesn’t produce a thing so… here goes!

IMG_1374Jayson Home is amazing. Truly. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been to a home store where every single display speaks to me, which makes me sad for you non-Chicagoans because you can’t experience it in person. There’s only one physical location, on Clybourn in Lincoln Park (though you can order their furniture, lighting, art and more online).

It’s such a layered environment that it honestly feels like someone lives there (hell, I’d live there). The first layer is usually a beautiful modern couch or chair, then comes maybe a vintage rug or set of nesting tables, add some elegance in a metallic vase or tufted ottoman, sneak in some global bazaar with a copper lantern or jewel-toned throw pillow, and finish it all off with some nature-inspired art… basically it’s heaven.


To top it all off, Jayson Home is also a nursery. Boom.

Jayson Home, 1885 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago,


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