Stay in the Wright House

See what I did there? Problem is it doesn’t really make sense since there’s more than one Frank Lloyd Wright home. But there is a new one on the scene…

imageThe Emil Bach House in Rogers Park will be open to the public starting next week for tours, events and overnight stays. This is the only FLW property in Chicago that allows overnight guests, but it’ll cost ya: The nightly rate is between $750 and $1,495.

Can you believe that it was originally built as a country residence? Sheridan Road must have been a little different in 1915… Emil Bach was the head honcho at Bach Brick Company, and this is one of the last homes FLW designed in the Prairie style. It’s just undergone a complete restoration (thanks to a Pritzker, of course). It has the signature Wright built-ins, central fireplace and even a Japanese tea room.

Doubt I can afford to throw my next birthday party here, but tours are only $12. (Not sure how the tours work around the overnight guests…)


The Emil Bach House,

(Photos: Time Out and Urban Daddy)


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