The Fashion Challenge Returns!

I know fashion advice isn’t what you normally visit Urban Nesting for, but hear me out. Last year, I did a Fashion-A-Day Challenge and even had the guts to post a selfie of my outfit everyday… I admit that was a little overkill. So I won’t be posting a pic every day, but I will challenge myself again: Every day in the month of May I’ll dress in something I’m proud of. I do have a sense of style (I swear!), but so many days I just wake up and throw something on. There’s a much better outfit lurking in that closet; I’m just too lazy to fit all the pieces together. I know I look like a schlub most days, and I’m honestly ashamed. I can do better!

I encourage you all to join the challenge too. It’s only one month. How hard can it be?

You do not have to buy new clothes by any means. The challenge provides an opportunity for you to “shop” your own closet, discover items you may have forgotten about or didn’t realize go together, and weed out stuff to donate, throw away, swap with friends, etc.

I already have one item on my challenge to-do list: Take a pair of jeans that I’ve literally had for years to get hemmed. I only wear heels about twice a year. What’s the point of having a pair of extra-long jeans at that rate? (You know what I’m talking about, ladies.)

There really isn’t much of a time commitment to the challenge. I’m not one to pick out my outfit each night before work, but during last year’s challenge, I did force myself to try to get a few key things out for the week each Sunday. I’m sure you’ll find a system that works for you (and when you do, let me know—I may want to steal it!). This would also be a good time to do the backwards hanger trick.

OK, are we ready? Get set… go!


5 thoughts on “The Fashion Challenge Returns!

  1. Cindy says:

    If I did the backward hanger trick, there would be nothing left in my closet! And you aren’t too much of a schlup…whatever that is!

  2. Just came across this post–hope all is going well! I’ve been on a no-new-clothes challenge for a year, and it has forced me to shop my own closet on a daily basis. Good luck!

    • An entire year?! I am beyond impressed! Did you start with a ton of clothes? Fashion is definitely not my specialty, so if you’d like to write a guest post about tips for shopping your own closet, I’d love to publish it! Let me know,

      • Thanks! I have got rid of so much, but I still have a ways to go…right now I’m just trying to come up with an idea to keep myself from buying a bunch of new clothes once the day the challenge is over. Budgeting is always easier said than done 🙂
        I would love to! I’ll be in touch in the next week or so.

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