Foodie Friday: Peeps Doughnuts

Wishing everyone a Happy—and Peeps-filled—Easter! We’re getting ready to start painting, but I just wanted to share this fun Easter doughnut recipe with you while I have a second.

DSC00650I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable Peep doughnuts on Pinterest by now. We tried them out last weekend and… let’s just say they’re Urban Nesting-approved! They’re fairly quick and easy to pull together (it is helpful to have a second set of hands if possible), and they’d make such a fun addition to an Easter brunch spread.

My mom and I were particularly excited because this recipe can easily be tweaked for other seasons—well, all seasons that Peeps are made. You could do chocolate frosting with ghost Peeps around Halloween, white frosting with Christmas tree Peeps for Christmas… so on and so forth.

These doughnuts are delicious, but beware the sugar rush if you eat more than one! (Or give them to children…)

DSC00663Click here for the Peeps Easter Doughnuts recipe from Spoonful.


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