Bucket List: 26.2 Miles Ahead

Oh god, what the hell was I thinking?!photoYes, that’s a confirmation of my acceptance into the 2014 Chicago Marathon. A MARATHON, people! 26.2 miles. That’s potentially five straight hours of running…

I got the email last night (it was a lottery system, according to the Tribune 71,000 entered and 33,000 “won”), so I’ve had a little bit of time to get over my initial freak out. That doesn’t mean I’m any less terrified.

But I’m putting together a plan of attack. It starts with buying cute new running shoes—hey, they say half the battle is feeling good about yourself. In all seriousness though, it’s just time to retire my current pair. I’ve already picked up a couple marathon training books from the library and looked into getting a trainer at my gym (less for the running aspect, more for cross training).

I can do this.

After my half marathon last year, the idea of running a full marathon started to creep onto the ‘ol Bucket List. It was like it was penciled in, something I’d thought about but hadn’t seriously considered. What changed, I’m not sure. I think maybe this awful winter made me so completely stir crazy that I started to believe that I’d want to spend hours outside running once it’s nice enough. We’ll see if that’s true…

What’s on your Bucket List? Have you crossed anything off that just seemed crazy at the time? Inspiration welcome!

2 thoughts on “Bucket List: 26.2 Miles Ahead

  1. Good for you! Chicago is an amazing race that I am so excited to be doing again this year!! I just posted about my marathon bucket list, including LA, NYC, London, and many more haha

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