Obsession: Navy Accent Wall

I think navy blue may very well be my favorite color. It’s so versatile! It’s a neutral, but it can also make a statement. It’s a little bit nautical. It’s masculine—but looks fabulous with hot pink. There’s just so many good things about navy. That’s why I cannot get enough of the navy walls I’m seeing all over Pinterest.

8806065db092e9a3995265ff736bf24fThe obsession may have very well started with this picture. It’s an oldie (old in Pinterest terms, meaning I first saw it two years ago or so), but it still may be my very favorite interior. Dark navy walls, cognac-colored director’s chairs, Saarinen table, hints of pink, that floor! To me, it’s perfection.

But navy seems to work well in any room—living room, bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen. Bathrooms might be hard unless it’s a very large space (and if that’s you, send me a pic… but I may not react kindly because I’m super jealous! :P).

(Images: Chicago Home & Garden via Full House, Good Housekeeping, Sara Tuttle InteriorsWiener Wohnsinn, The Home Journal, The Effortless Chic)


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