Design Inspiration: Boho Jar Candles

Now that the weather is finally allowing for the existence of life here in Chicago, I was able to get out and about and peruse a few of my favorite shops in Andersonville this weekend. I’ve talked about how much I love Foursided before. This trip, I was especially smitten with these graphic Boho Jar soy candles from Illume:

No where near Chicago? They’re also available online.

I’m still up in the air on the question of if expensive candles are worth it. What do you think? If you know this $35 candle is out of your price range, you could DIY a similar design on any old plain candle with Sharpie markers, like these projects from House of Earnest and Vintage Revivals:

From what I understand, if you use Sharpie’s water-based paint pens, they wash right off glass. (Test this, say, on the bottom of the candle before you draw all over because I personally haven’t tried it and would feel terrible if your project was ruined!) So draw a design and when you get sick of it, just wipe it off and try something else. That’s a lot of power for about $4 a pen!

(Images: House of Earnest, Vintage Revivals)


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