I Want That Wednesday: Vince Camuto Handbag

I don’t want to jinx us here… but it looks like spring has FINALLY arrived! Thank. God. There’s still some lasting effects (my hair has never, ever been this dry), but we can finally see the grass again—well, what’s survived.

Nature aside, I’m most excited about spring because it means I can start wearing something other than black. Sure, I know I could wear other colors during the winter months, but I’m just not inspired and I usually end up throwing on the same black skinny jeans and black boots for the schlep to work. And my purse… well, I’ve used my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag every day—winter or otherwise—for about the past four years. Let’s just say it was a good investment.

But I love navy, and I saw this great Vince Camuto bag at Macy’s a couple weeks back and kinda can’t stop thinking about it:

Billy Dome Satchel

I love the funky carpet-like design on the sides, and I’m even warming up to the idea of a handbag versus a shoulder bag or crossbody (though this also has a crossbody strap). Do we like the black/navy mix though? That’s my only hesitation. Well, and the price…


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